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Smoking for a year or so...

I can go from 8 am til 1pm without a cig. then after the 1st i just keep smoking them all day long. I have only been a hardcore smoker for about 10-11 months. But I have been smoking off and on for the past 4 yrs when i use to do drugs. So my question is will it be any easier for me to quit since i haven't smoked for long? Also should i get chantix from my doc.?
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I would try to go cold turkey first, I have heard that Chantix has some side effects for some people that are not good. I smoked for nearly 30 years and quit cold turkey, if I can do it you can do it too. I don't know about the theory it would be easier for you or not, a smoking addiction is what it is weather you've smoked 4 years or 30 years, but for your health now is a good time to stop. I wish i had.
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I don't know if it will be easier for you to quit. It really depends on how dependant you are. Smoking is more of a mental/emotional addiction then a physical one.

If you are going that long without a smoke then why do you light up? These are questions you have to answer before you can successfully quit. Know your triggers and work on them.

I used Chantix for my quit and I think that I succeeded thus far by accepting that there would be some changes in me, mainly weight gain, that I would have to deal with. After a few months, I was close to the same weight as I was pre-quit.

Best advice is to keep yourself physically busy, join a gym or if your lucky enough to live in warmer climate, get out and walk/jog/run. In the evening, when everything/everyone is quiet, read the articles at whyquitdotcom.
Good luck.
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You both have excellent points. It is a great time to stop for my health!! Why keep this nasty habit for? Maybe i;ll try to keep busy also w/ my 3 yr. old and some exercise! Thanks soo much you guys ;=)
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Please, especially with a young one, make it a point to quit.
When I look back on my two pregnancies, smoking through them both, and my son who is now 23 and my daughter who will soon be 20, I want to cringe at the thought that I risked their health as well as youth by my selfishness!

Good luck to you and if you ever need support, were here.

Kathy Jo
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