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Tabex to help stop cigarettes use

Hi, anyone used Tabex to help in stopping cigarettes forever. Trying to help my Gf stop smoking from sometime, succeeded in eliminating her smoking habit, she tries to take from time to time but very low amounts like 1 or 2 per week after she was smoking up to 15 per day for 10 years. Bought her Tabex recently to help stop nicotine forever. What are your experiences about this medicine and does it really make a big difference after taking only one box(100tablets) in 21 days to a month period? After a month of Tabex usage, can expect no urge of turning back to smoking?
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I think switching to another source for nicotine like the chewing gum can be irritating at first but once you start to derive pleasure from it, it starts to feel fantastic in a week or less. Its better to be dependent on a chewing gum and avoiding other carcinogens etc Going cold turkey can be hurtful and depressing for a few days but with the support of NRT you feel a bit more confident as long as the nicotine is replaced through a new door way this time and with time you begin to feel free. And with time the dosage comes down naturally and one day no more nicotine.
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