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Throat issues with smoking

I have been smoking for 13 years.  I sucessfully quit once for 2 years and like a big dummy started back again.  I started back the end of June this year.  Before I quit in early June I got sick.  Doc said it was strep.  I had a white blister looking thing on the side of my throat.  Well, here it is November and it is still there only bigger.  Do you think this could come from smoking or what could it possibly be?
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You had better run, not walk to your Doctor April. Nothing should last that long.
Smoking will only aggravate an already bad situation.

Good luck and do yourself a favor and quit smoking. That little baby in your picture needs his mommy.

Kathy Jo
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I know I am trying to quit.  I never would have started back again, but I quit for someone else, and after he royally pi$$ed me off, of course the first thing I wanted was a cigarette.  BIG MISTAKE.  I have only had 3 cigs the past 2 days.  Trying to quit, seeing a doc tomorrow.  I can deal with the cravings, just cant deal with my own mood swings, maybe he can give me something to help me with that.
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You should ask the doctor about something that will take the edge off, and this time when you quit, do it for yourself.
Good luck and I hope you get a clean bill of health!

Read those articles at whyquitdotcom and look at the motivation articles especially.
If you want a healthy long life, then you need to quit now : )

Keep us posted.
Kathy Jo
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