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can i reverse damage done from tobacco?

i have been smoking cigarettes for 13 years, i recently quit at 24, and now i am 26. I quit because of paranoia, i was convinced that i was going to die of cancer in 3 years if i didn't quit for some weird reason, was in a dream i had.

i even developed tobacco phobia as well.

how can i reverse the damage done to my body from 13 years of smoking?

i am terrified right now just thinking about it!
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Congratulations for the two years of your smoke free life. i am sure that your body must have healed itself on its own to a great extent with no more poisonous smoke to bear anymore. It is good to be repelled by tobacco, and even when such feelings subside, our reason must always be one anti tobacco. You must work for the better health just like a normal young guy who is a non-smoker and yet he aims to make his health better through proper diet and exercise. Make sure you enjoy your life when the curse of cigarettes is gone now., especially go for hiking, swimming, etc.  Some people claim the feelings of just being born fresh again, after they overcome this habit However, you must never get carried away and always stay firm on your decision, however old it may get with time, Not to smoke ever because sometimes a small slip, a small one puff may take you again into the trap. wish you all the best for your future. Have a healthy, smoke free and happy life!
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