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effects of quitting smoking

My boyfriend quit "cold turkey" about a month ago. Already he sleeps better and coughs so much less. And although he still struggles daily with the temptation, he's doing a great job, and I tell him so. He has since noticed that his hands are "puffy" (his fingers don't fit his bowling ball properly anymore) and that he is nasally "congested" and thinks it may be allergies. I know a bit about the effects of nicotine, but it's not something we study in detail in nursing school. Could these symptoms be related to his quitting? I could rationalize it maybe, but I'd prefer to give him more definitive information
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I quit nearly 3mos ago, and still have congestion...which is slowly getting better.  I've been using Musinex to keep things moving.  When one stops smoking, the coughing stops also, so now all that phlegm is just sitting in the lungs and sinuses with nowhere to go...leaving congestion.  The Musinex works Very well in thinning all that out.  I make myself cough throughout the day even if I don't have the urge.  Blow my nose also, even if I only feel stuffed up.  Just keep things moving!   Of course it being Spring, that can come into play as well.  

The 'puffy hands' sounds like water retention.  Could have something to do with the congestion or not...I want to say 'yes'.  Your b.f. might see his dr to be on the safe side though. Encourage him to take deep breathes throughout the day, as well.  This will help with the urges.  

Best of luck to him!
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for me i had serious problems sleeping, and i was a bit nervous in the begining..
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