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nicorette gum

What are the long-term risks of continuing to chew nicorette gum for years?  I chew maybe one or 2 pieces a day.  I quit smoking 8 years ago and I realize I am addicted to the nicotine in the gum.  This is all right with me, but is it possible it can cause cancer of the mouth like chewing tobacco can?  I asked the nicorette people at their 800 number, and they said it couldn't give you cancer, but they sternly advised me to stop chewing it, that I was addicted to it now instead of cigarettes.  

Many thanks - this is a great idea for a website!

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Thanks a lot for the free medical advice.  This is really great.
Now - how can I eat absolutely ANTHING I want & maintain a weight of 110 lbs?

Ditzy in Denver

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Nicorette worked for me and I quit smoking.
Realizing I was getting hooked on the anti-smoking
gum, I switched to Wrigley's Double Mint.  
After chewing this for six months I had serious
caries problems, and lost a few teeth, acquired a
very long bridge (9 teeth wide) in the lower jaw.
That was in 1987-88.  I had quit smoking in Nov 86.

By spring 1993 my emphysema was noticably worse.
And it has continued to get worse since then, despite
the lack of tobacco smoke and with the help of various
pulmonary medicines and inhalors.  This month my
long bridge broke, and in not reparable due to the
lack of sound teeth to mount a new bridge on.
This past Thursday I had eight yes EIGHT lower
teeth extracted, leaving none. And I'm fitted for
a full denture and just waiting for the gum damage
to heal from the extractions and debrasion of the
underlying bone to enable a better fit for the

So if anybody tells you that quitting smoking will
stop emphesema in its tracks, don't believe them,  
even if its AMA or your doctor speaking.

The damage to the lungs was worse than to the teeth.
I have been using continuous flow oxygen since March
1997, and the required dosage has increased in the
2.5 years since I started.  Breathing is difficult
and I have given up driving a car.  Also, I cannot
take a walk for exercise, as the effort is too hard
on my lungs, and has caused the condition known
as cor pulmonale, which is an enlarged right
ventricle due to its overwork.  The left ventricle
which pumps to the rest of the body can't be
supplied well enough by the right ventricle.
Yes, emphysema can get worse.

The great blessing in your favor is your age.
I am 76 yrs old, and smoked for about 40 years.
I estimate about 75 pack-years, or almost 2 packs
a day for 40 years.  I started smoking at age 18
and quit at age 63, with some gaps inbetween.

Please don't let anything stop you from quitting
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I have been chewing nicorette gums for over a year. I started with the 2mg gums and than decided to go with the 4mg gums to save money. I found my self chewing the gums like regular gums after a while. It would burn my throat, and now I have a throbbing feeling in my throat every once and a while. Have you ever heard of that?

I think I have to go cold turkey to quit, going on the gums have not slowed down my urge for nicotene. They may help a person from breaking the day to day habit of smoking, but not the addiction.

Have you ever heard of Ziban, it is some kind of antidepressant that stops you from wanting smokes. Is it safe to use?

All I can say is that nicorette has really screwed up my throat. I know it is my fault for chewing them so fast, but I would do it without even noticing what I was doing.
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Two days ago I quit nicorette gum. I did not do this
because I wanted to. I would be chewing the whole damn
box right now  if  I felt like I could make it to the store to
buy it.  I don't follow directions very well on boxes be
mashed pototoes or  a harmless looking box of nicorette.
Which is another thing the package system is all wrong
with nicotette gum,  I have been trying to think for years
what i could do with another tape and I  believe that the money spent on making such a tape would be better
spent by providing a miniture spittoon which we die
hard, gum smacking fools could  hang around our necks
to spare us and our families the shame of finding a simi-
yellow wad stuck to the dash board, head board, sink,
cookie jar, wallet , coins ,books, jeans, coffee table,
coffee cup, spoons, toothbrush, need I say more. My husband says he even found it  on his ass. I was afraid
to ask him if it  was foiled or not foiled.  We smackers do this  because of the cost of our yellow friend, but it is  a friendship short lived because once his color yellow is
gone off he goes to the trash can  we searh the dryer for
a foil that may have made it  through the wash with out
breaking open.  So here I sit knowing I have searched
everywhere a patch on my arm back at  ground zero
My patch is not working it does not taste very good.
dying in seattle.............................
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I quit smoking 14 years ago, the most difficult addiction I ever kicked.  A year or two before nicorette was widely available in the U.S. I read that a woman purchased a nicatine gum in Mexico for the "lift" it gave her.  Once it became available here, I gave it a try.  Now several years later I am hooked on the habit of chewing it.  Unlike a previous poster, I chew up to ten times a day.  I'm finding it VERY hard to let go.  I have good blood pressure, 70/90.  Any suggestions on how to stop the crutch of chewing this expensive gum?
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I'm 56 and have smoked since I was 16.  Heavy in my 20's, lighter in my 30's, less than a half pack a day in my 40's and finally, quit 8 months ago.  I couldn't have done it without Nicorette, but now, of course am addicted to Nicorette.  Will gradual replacement with a sugarless gum work?  In analyzing it, I may like the oral chewing part significantly--and hope that now that the behavior part of smoking has been dealt with, I can deal with the residual addiction part.  Hey--I'm open to any comments, suggestions.  Thanks....
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Hi! I am 66 years old and was told that I have a little emphysema about a year ago, so for a whole year I thought about quitting smoking.  I wasn't having any trouble breathing, but over the winter I noticed that I started spitting up thick mucous. also, was experiencing a lot of heartburn..way too much coffee and cigarettes, and the emphysema too of course.  I started taking Chantix last month, a pill to help you quit..Well, I didn't smoke for a month and frankly I thought the pill was kind of like a sugar pill..I felt like I just quit because I knew I had too..well, I quit taking the pill and started chewing 2mg. nicroette gum..(I had bought it before the doctor gave me the prescription for Chantix..)  Big mistake I went to Atlantic City and took the gum with me just in case..There is something about slot machines and smoking that go together..On the second day there I did the gum thing and that was about a 3 weeks ago and now I haven't been able to quit..Does anyone know if it really makes emphysema worse.  I think after reading all of your messages I will try harder to quit.I have smoked for about 50 years..
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Just want everyone to know that I am going back to Chantix and willpower..I just read in the paper that they also think it helps memory and I can sure use that.I just looked at the dates '99 was awhile ago so if anyone is still here it is for them.
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Hi everyone,

He's the skinny on Nicorette Gum.  Each piece of the normal gum contains 2mg of nicotine.  Even the absolute BEST chewers in the world can only extract about 1/2 of that out of the gum.

Mouth Cancer? nicotine doesn't cause cancer.  It's not a carcinogin.

What does Nicotine do?  It slightly raises blood pressure by 1-2 mm/hg.

It slightly constricts blood vessels (so not good for CV patients).

Consider the following from smoke:

Heat (bad for lungs)
Tar (horrible for lungs)
Nicotine in very high concentation (see comments above but multiply by 4-5x)
100's of carcingongs (cancer causing)
Carbon Monoxide (lowers blood oxygen).

When you compare the two...much, much better to be on gum than smoking...

bottom line:  tape off the gum slowly...reduce by 1/2 piece every week and you'll not even notice it.

good luck
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Your post is very old but I have enjoyed reading it over and over and boy can I identify with what you said.  I leave droppings wherever I go of gum.  I almost feel embarrassed when they are found by my friends and family and they go "OOOH! There's Grandma's gum".  I too have found wads everywhere including attached to my dog.  He likes to chew it too and will every chance he sees one laying around that he can get to.
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So ... back to the original question.  Does excessive chewing of Nicorette cause gum disease?  Only one response to that question so far and am wondering if anyone can confirm/deny the information.  Anyone get a gum disease while chewing?  I've been chewing for about 6 years and just today was told by dentist that I have mild gum disease.

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I think I've been chewing nicorette for five years now, that is up until, Wednesday night.  Im trying to cold turkey my way out of that habit.  Its horribly difficult, and right now, I am a totally horrible person to be around.  But I'm beginning my third day of withdrawal today, and it is a little bit better, as far as I can tell, but it is still early, so who knows who I may yell at today.  Oh, actually, I already yelled at my ex wife today, but I dont hold nicorette responsible for that.  Symptoms I am having are pretty normal, except for the one where I can nod off at any time.  Some sort of safety escape my body is performing, Im sure, except that when it happens at night, and I go to bed, to get some sleep, my sleeps are totally bizarre.  Dreams, short sleeps, sweats, fear, waking widely in the middle of the night, and sometimes just dreaming that I'm wide awake.  this is weird.
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I quit smoking (after 6 attempts) on November of 1996 and have been 'addicted' to the nicotine gum ever since. I go through ALOT of it and have had no medical issues because of it. (I chew maybe up to 15-20 pieces of 2 mg a day) My gums and teeth are healthy, my blood pressure is (if anything) on the low side even though I am overweight.
As another poster said, the gum is healthier than the cigarettes. I hate being 'addicted' to the nicotine gum but can't get off of it. So I've been on it for over 11 years now.
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I forgot to mention, I talked to both my GP and rheumatologist and they both said the gum is healthier than smoking ( a no brainer) *smile* and while they would like to see me OFF the gum, they said as long as it does not affect my health (which it hasn't) that it is better than going back to smoking.
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Hi all,
Today I quit the gum.  I started taking Chantix last week and hoping this is going to help.  Been doing ok with cravings but have had a few pieces of dentyne gum as a substitute but will try to stop that tomorrow.

I have been chewing nicorette gum excessiveley for about the past two years.(about 30 4 mg a day)  I quit smoking over 5 years ago with the gum and then got off the gum but went back on after some stressful events (I know excuses).

Anybody out there in the midst of quitting nicotine gum right now?  If so how is it going?
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I am trying to quit ... again.  Why would people choose a brain product - Chantix or Zyban - over a body product - Nicorette or Thrive?  I need to hear from people and their opinions on each treatment.

Thanks in advance.
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I don't know if I'm in "denial" or something, but I've been smoking for 5 years and I don't find it that hard to "quit". I smoke a pack a week and when I got pregnant with my son I stopped cold turkey from my pregnancy through breast-feeding (11 months). I started smoking again after that, but only because I no longer felt "icky" about it. When my boy was inside me, I couldn't smoke. I felt like I was hurting him, which I couldn't do. Now it isn't that I feel I can't stop, it's that I like smoking and don't feel bad about it anymore... well sometimes I do,  but mostly know. Smoking doesn't do the same thing drugs and alcohol do. Drugs make you act different and alcohol (in high quantities, I'm not talking cocktails with your friend) also affects how you feel and act. When I smoke, I just calm down and reflect.... it doesn't make you violent or hung over. I'm not promoting smoking, I'm just saying that nothing has made me feel guilty enough about it to make me quit... but I already did once when I felt the need. Why is it so hard for other people?
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I’ve been a Nicorette gum user for 5 years…I chewed about 12-18 pieces per day.  I used Copenhagen for 20 years prior.  Nicorette really helped me quit Copenhagen…but now I’m obviously addicted to the gum…The gum is obviously better than Copenhagen for many reasons..however..I can tell you that my blood pressure has risen, and I have a low white blood cell count because of the gum.  I get sick all the time due to this.  If I over chew it I’ll get a sore throat and eventually a sinus infection.  My doctor always asked me ..”do you smoke?”  I tell him no…he doesn’t  know I use any tobacco products.  He says “ you get bronchitis s a lot”.  
Bottom line the gum is no good for you…It will have long term effects.     So…I started Chantix last week…I quit that after 5 days…major side effect for me..I couldn’t sleep..and when I did I’d have nightmares all night…so I went out and bought 20 packs of every flavored sugarless gum and quit the Nicorette gum cold turkey last Saturday…I have to say the key is to set a quit date… throw out the gum (I have to flush down toilet otherwise I would search trash).  I can tell you this being Day 4 that is much much easier than quitting Cope or cigs…Right now I already feel confident I’m done with it…It has been extremely easy to do it…I already feel better…So give it a try cold turkey before using Chantix/zybin….Try to go 3 days…I think the Nicorette gum was making me depressed too..I always had that crashing feeling/lethargic feeling…Do you know what I mean?   Anyhow…I don’t have a lot of will power but canning the gum in not too hard..just set the date…throw all gum out….buy 20 packs of all flavors of sugarless gum…I had minor withdrawal symptoms but nothing that made me want to drive to store and buy nic gum.  Good Luck to all…

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It has been my experience that smoking causes gum disease, and Nicorette Gum further aggravates it.  I have lost teeth shortly after using Nicorette gum.  I tried to tell my Periodontist this, but he argued with me, because he wanted me to quit smoking for good.  How can some people chew so much Nicorette?  I can only tolerate 2-4 pieces a day.  It irritates my stomach!
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Im looking for the answer(s) to all of the above questions? Someone tell me where they answer these???

Dieing to quick smoking in LA
37 Female
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Start a new post. You will get more answers that way.
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Do nicotene patches or gums give exactly the same form of nicotene as is in the smoke? Thanks
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Well, I've been "doing" this gum for like 20 yrs. I'm totally addicted- so is my BFF with the same history. It's exhausting- 2mg or 4mg- original/mint/cinammon. Give me a break! Blobs everywhere. Foil packets that are impossible to open. I used to think about the $ I was spending. No longer. It's part of my weekly expenses. I'm chewing 24/7 and it seems to be getting worse if that's possible. More addicting than heroin- you bet.I have again lost control on Nicorette. I need to go to a 30 day rehab. Be locked up with fellow Nicorette addicts and we can all kill each other and eat our way into oblivion. The Chantix side effects scare me. I'm thinking.. I won't get cancer on the gum. Is this the case?I sure want to believe that. Maybe we all can pick a date and everyone will stop chewing 25% at given intervals- we can form like a Mickey Mouse Club for Nicorette Addiction- and we can support one another. Let me know....
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I am a 25 yr smoker who quit on the patch about 6 yrs ago, made it 13 months, then thought I could have an occaisional cigar, went to a box a week in no time. Patched again, and after I tried some nicorrete, decided that was good, but then found myself chewing box after box. Deciced that I would chew Coppenhagen to get off nicorette. Wow what an addiction nicotine is! Well I got precancerous esophagus from chewing (and swallowing) Cope. So I said I better go back on smokes so I can quit chewing! I went back on patch 11/27/07, but needed an extra boost from nicorette. I am on about 8 pieces of 4mg since. I can't even drop down to 2mg! So, I would really like a straight answer about nicorette. I also have Leukemia, and not a curable form. I am doing the best I can. Somebody has to know if this gum causes anything!
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