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pancreatitis and Nicorette

Have you ever heard of pancreatitis being associated with chewing Nicorette gum?
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Here is a question and answer that I found by googling "Pancreatitis & Nicorette."

Q. My triglycerides are incredibly high. Does chewing Nicorette gum play a part in this?

A. by Anita Ramsetty, MD
Oct 01, 2008 07:58PM
Nicorette does not significantly contribute to this, not to my knowledge. Very high Triglycerides(above 500) are often reflective of an underlying disease or family trait that should be treated as son as possible to avoid the risks of developing potentially dangerous pancreatitis.
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I came down with acute pancreatitis March 28, 2010.  I spent 27 days in the hospital.  Nobody has been able to tell me why I got so sick.  I was a heavy nicorette chewer for years.  I quit the day I went to the hospital.  I do not know if there is an association with the nicorette and pancreatitis.  Wondering.  
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I was an otherwise healthy 42-year-old woman--haven't had a drink in 13 years, or a cigarette in 5 years. Trouble was I had a really bad Nicorette habit. Low and behold I have chronic pancreatitis and if I chew the gum--the pancreatic pain skyrockets. I would say "YES" Nicorette either causes, triggers, or aggrevates pancreatitis.
Same thing happened with me.. I am a 35 year old man with acute pancreatitis. I'm a - rather, was a heavy nicorette chewer. After the first attack, after little relief, I started to chew the gum again. In a few days I got another attack - this time a very acute one - this attack made a necrosis at the head of the pancreas. There is an association - definitely!
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