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I am 28F. I smoke about 12-15 cigs. in a day. I am so addicted to it that i look for excuses to be alone so that i can smoke. How can i quit this habit? I though gum would be a good replacemen but i dont find it in India
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It is difficult to quit, but you can do it if you truly want to. Make sure you let everyone know that you are quitting. Support is very important and the more people who know, the better your chances at succeeding.

Read the articles at whyquit.com. They are helpful and will also get you through any craves you might have.

Just put them down, walk, run, exercise, anything to get your mind off the smokes. You don't need anything but willpower and the desire!
Good luck!
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I recently had a heart Attack around 9 days ago and haven`t smoked a cigarette since.

I am 48yrs old and smoked since I was 14yrs old

I am however ensuring that I remain cigarette free by doing the following

I chew on Peppermint lollies when I get a craving
I used Nicotinell 21mg Patchesfor the first 2 days out of hospital
I then switched over to Champix tablets and am on day 4 of those with no patches and just drinking heaps more water

I changed my diet to high fibre diet and have never felt better

My sense of smell has returned to almost normal if not better in 8 days to the point that just the smell of tbacco makes me feel physically ill.

Remember: Smoking is now Socially Unacceptable ..

in the first 8 days you will become nicotine free ...
in 1 year you will decrease your chances of a heart attack by half
in 5 years you will reduce it even more and
in 15years you will be a non smoker again.

For your diet a good book to get is Symply Too Good To Be True By Annette Sym (6 books in the series and available at all leading Newsagents)
It has Cholesterol and Diabetes Free recipes in them and the recipes are fabulous. In just 3 days I lost 2kgs eating healthier foods and no exercise as yet as well as a change in attitude

Checkout the photos on my Facebook group called ... ``Heart Attack Awareness group`` and you will see what I looked like after Ambulances and Hospital Staff finally got a line in to save my life with more than necessary drugs. It also has a video from You Tube that shows exactly what i endured for 4 hours. That in itself stops me from ever picking up another cigarette again

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