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Have cut smoking to 1/3

I am a pack and a half a day smoker and have been for 30 years.  Last week I decided to start the process of quitting but am tapering instead of cold turkey....

It's been about 2 weeks that I dropped to about 10 cigarettes a day and I've started feeling quite dizzy and nauseous.  Can anyone tell me if dizziness can happen while quitting smoking?  Dizziness is not something I ever remember having any issue with before.
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Hi! Congratulations on tapering! I hope I’m not too late answering you. I quit cold turkey 8 months ago after a 25 year pack a day habit and yes I was very dizzy/lightheaded for awhile. My blood pressure actually went up and down so maybe check yours? I’d imagine with having more oxygen in your body and a drug (nicotine) leaving that your body is going through changes and some kind of “shock.” I bought a BP cuff from walgreens so maybe check that out just to make sure it’s stable. But yes I was dizzy for a bit.
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I'm chewing the **** out if the gum. Deep breathing..  it seems to go up and down. What I find helpful is noticing how much deeper my breath is.
I made a mistake and went to Walmart though earlier and I left before I killed half the people in there!!! This is my last vice and I'm just going to keep pushing! Thank you for responding!
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Walmart will do that to anyone!! :) I totally relate! It was my last vice too and smoking was like my best friend. Yet my best friend was killing me. I did go 8 months cold turkey but started the gum 3 weeks ago when my Dad passed away so I’m chomping away too. It gets better and those deep breaths really do help!
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I can tell you,, since I'm literally doing the same thing your doing right now, dizziness is normal!  I am a pack and a half a day smoker for 40 years and I had to whopper nose bleeds about a month ago, literally one on a Sat and one on a Sun.  Went to the dr the next day and my blood pressure was 157/130.  I'm taking the Chantix and chewing the S&&T our of Nicorette!!!  But I'm getting there.  I do feel a bit insane as well but that could be the Chantix!  I've withdrawn off of many things this one by far being the hardest!  As of yesterday I'm at 4 a day so I'm going to stay here a couple of days then jump again.  Good luck to you in reaching your goal...........WE CAN DO THIS!!!
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OMG people.........I've answered MYSELF!!!!  LMAO!!!!!  Because I'm here again trying to quit smoking!!!  
I am cracking up that you responded to yourself!! I’ve also withdrawn from many things and quitting smoking is by far the hardest. I went cold turkey 8 months ago but just started the nicotine gum 2 weeks ago when life got out of control. You’ve got this! You’re doing an amazing job! How is your sleep and appetite?
I've gained 12lbs and I'm waking up at 4:00 am and having trouble getting back to sleep.  I've got to be successful at this!!
You will be. I know you can and I’m here to cheer you on. I woke up at 4/5am in the beginning also. Now I sleep very hard. The weight will come off, don’t worry! You’ve got this! Is the gum helping take the edge off?
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