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Hypnotism for smoking

I am ready to quit smoking and I have been told that getting hypnotised is an exellent way to quit. What experiences have others had with this method?   Alan
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Congratulations Alan! Great news for you but sorry to hear about your friend.
Alan, make sure you support your quit by reading any and all literature about maintaining your new lifestyle : )

It truly is a wonderful feeling not to be tied down to smokes. I wonder if anyone else feels that way?

Tell your friend no to give up. Perhaps the hypnotist will give him a reduced rate for the second go round?

Good luck Alan and make sure you keep us posted on how you are doing.
Kathy Jo
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Good to hear some positive results.My friend and I found a local hypnotist on www.thehealthclinic.ie (not much good to anyone outside Ireland!!!) and went to him. It cost 600euro between us which is expensive. that was mid-april and I am still off them but my friend only lasted 4 hours. He was under stress from stress from work and the hynotist told him that it might not work if you were stressed but he didnt tell him that he was. Big mistake!! Anyway, hopefully I wont go back on them. Alan  
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Hi there - I agree with FMXSMKR - if you are truly ready ANY method will help. Good luck to you - only you know how you will respond to any given aid.

My best friend has been joyously smoke-free for 22 years since her hypnotism in 1986 - and she says she has not ever had withdrawals or cravings.  

Personally I needed to go with Allen Carr's EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING book to get rid of my extreme FEAR of quitting, and I used the whyquit.com site for numerous helpful articles. I am on Day 35 - FIVE WEEKS - and I am so grateful for this site and KathyJo and Fmxsmkr!
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Hi there I got hypnotized back in November and I highly reccomend it. I gradually quit with the help of the cd the hypnotist did for me  I listen to it when I want to smoke and everynbow and then I do want to. I say go for it, especially since you want it and you are receptive to the idea. Let me know whatg you decide.
Love Venora
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Hi Alan!  Well my mother did it this way and she had great results.  She hasn't smoked since 1988!  She said she never felt cravings or anything!

On the other hand, I did it too back in 1990 and the results weren't so good.   But I'll be honest.  I wasn't that ready and that's the key.  If you're ready to quit and your mind is in the "quit zone" then I think anything will work.  

It's also probably the least expensive of all the aids.  Maybe it's more expensive now, but back in 1990, it was only $70.  But any aid is worth the money when you consider how much cigarettes cost today.  

Good luck to you!!
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