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Is there any Side Effects on an Abrupt quitting with Cigarette Smoking?

I've been a smoker for 20 years now... and 26 days ago, I just quit smoking "cold turkey" do I expect any side-effects on the abrupt stoppage?

I am regularly exercising (Bike and run) almost everyday and I am on a diet too when I quit the cigarettes...

Meanwhile, just an information for those who would like to quit: "The only way that I found effective for me to quit smoking is the Diet... after meticulously  eating only healthy foods... smoking just wasn't in my mind anymore...
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Although it is unusual, my husband quit smoking cold turkey after having smoked heavily for more than 30 years and never once smoked again. He suffered no withdrawal symptoms, but he did gain weight which he has had trouble losing.

I stopped smoking gradually, perhaps over a period of five years. I occasionally want a cigarette, but resist. I did not gain any weight.
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Thanks a lot teko for the additional input
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Well let me see, beyond wanting to thro a hissy fit and beat and abuse someone badly because you cannot smoke but want to very very badly? By the way,if you do this? You have already lost the ballgame and do not have the mindset for quitting.

People experience different things, some experience no side effects or withdraw and for others it is the worst battle of their life and experience everything from, anxiety, depression, and learning that it is mind over matter and if you do not control the mind, you cave.
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Thanks a lot for the reply allmymarbles... sorry for my late response as I was very much pre-occupied on something else and I just couldn't organize my thoughts easily...

Thanks again!!!
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