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Smoking and my Brain

To: Nicotine and Mental Symptoms
I am aware that smoking is a serious problem and quitting is something I hope to do but it will take a miracle..That being said, here is my problem On many occasions after I smoke several cigarettes, mentally I start feeling anxiety and the thoughts in my head become faster and louder.. ( I do not have a mental illness) This only happens after smoking..I know the easy fix is quit but the addiction currently has   a hold of me...I seriosly feel like I am losing my mind in those moments..completely and am wondering what is happening...it doesnt usually happen after one cigarette but after a couple...I am wanting to understand what is happening to my brain and if anyone else has heard of this..It is scaring me as I feel like I am lsong my mind. MM 38.
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You should see your doctor about this. You have had some great answers but seriously it is something u should first address with your GP.
Take care.
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Sounds like panic attacks to me, and if you quit they will probably temporarily get worse. However, if you go to a doctor, he will treat the panic attacks and will help you get off the smoking as well. But you gotta want to do it, if you dont then you simply will not be able to do it. It is more a mindset than anything Im afraid.....In other words, it takes balls.....

Trust me I know.

Sorry if that offends anyone, but sometimes you just gotta sum it up in one sentence that people can understand.....:P
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It's my guess that it is the anxiety about smoking, and not smoking itself, that is causing the symptoms. If you are going to stop smoking - that's fine. But if you are going to continue smoking, don't make yourself ill by worrying about it.
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No mental illness?  Have you come up with that diagnosis on your own, or have you seen somebody about your concerns?  First off, seeing your regular doctor is a great place to start if you are considering quitting smoking.  It is also a great place to seek help with anxiety.... I am no doctor, but it does seem as if you have a bit of anxiety.

Anxiety is treatable.... I am being treated successfully for it right now.  Quitting tobacco is doable as well, as I just quit 30 days ago... cold turkey.

With quitting, you have to be 100% committed to the quit.  You have to formulate a plan and a doctor can assist you with that.  

Go see your doctor.... it is important. Anxiety is a booger but can be beat.
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