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What is the best quit smoking way?

Anyone quit using Nicotrol inhalers?

I went to my doctor and he told me If I don’t stop smoking right now, I will be dragging an oxygen tank behind me within  a year. You would think that would make me stop cold turkey. I was so upset, I smoked twice as much. Duh!
Then my doctor gave me a script for Nicotrol inhalers. These things were little wonder sticks. I have smoked for 25 yrs about 2 pks a days and have had chronic lung problems. Now after the inhalers I have not had a smoke since Sept 24th 2009. This may not see too long, but to a 25 yr smoker it is! I feel so much better, my teeth are getting whiter and my clothes don’t smell like nasty ashtrays. I am so glad I quit. My doc did a lung test after just cutting down and my oxygen level had doubled from about to die, to half healthy. Now I have no breathing problems at all. I no longer wake up choking in the morning, spitting up phlegm, or having chest pains. I feel great!
I never though it would be possible for me to quit. I smoked from 14 until 40!!  It WAS my life.

Thank God for Nicotrol Inhalers!!!

Orlando FL
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Have you completly quit smoking after 3 years including the inhaler. I want to quit in the worst way and was curious what the final outcome for you was. Thanks for the insight!! Weather or not you you acutually have stopped smoking is what Im look for from you. Im not hear to judge but to learn from others like yourself. Thanks for your feed back.

Or for that matter anyone that cares to commet.
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If you want mouth to hand contact, buy a fake cigarette with nothing in it. They still sell those and it would help you with you hand to mouth problems or use a straw : )
To me, that's the easiest part of the addiction to kick. Most of us here are actually addicted to the nicotine. Personally, whenever stressed or depressed, that's when I really wanted to smoke.
On another post you talked about Chantix. That is what I quit with and smoking for 40 years, it was the best thing that ever happened t me (other then my kids). It has a 44% quit rate which is by far the best success rate of any quit aid method, and more importantly, has 0 nicotine so it is not feeding the addiction. There is no other quit aide that I know of that can advertise that.
Saying that......do I recommend it? No because everyone has their own opinions and there are drawbacks. There are drawbacks to every aide, including the one you are using. If someone asks my personal opinion I will give it, but never would I advertise it.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but on occasion we do have advertisers or drug company reps who will come on and pimp their products. I'm from NYC which automatically makes me suspect this ; )
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Hello and congrats on your quit!  It's good to see you're not "overdoing" the inhaler, at least, it doesn't look that way.  You know, kathyjo and I have been on this board for 2yrs and have seen many people quit smoking, but get hooked on the aid they're using.  We just want what best for you is all.

I will say though, I can appreciate your post!  I was a smoker for 35yrs and have been struggling the last 2yrs to quit permanently. I am at 7wks or so after a relapse and sure do love being able to breathe easy as well as all the energy that seems to come with quitting and not a single piece of clothing, my hair or breath, smells of smoke anymore.  I love that!

Best of luck to you Mrjames! :)
1m 3w 15:13 smoke-free, 514 cigs not smoked, $141.35 saved, 1d 18:50 life saved
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I do use the inhaler if I feel an uncontrollable urge to have a smoke. Usually a puff or two. Most the time I just hold it in my mouth or hand till it passes. My doctor prescribed  6-8 cartridges a day and gave me a 1 months supply. I have had the box with the cartridges since September 15th. I still have many left. and usually forget to even change them since I don’t use it very much.  You are correct though, I have to give up this as well but it is a stepping stone and considering I was smoking 2+ packs a day for 26yrs, I think this is pretty dam good :)
Thanks for the comments
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Congrats on your commitment to quit but I am wondering if you have stopped the inhaler(s)? If not, what is your plan for stopping?
You are still smoking, just not cigarettes. You are inhaling nicotine in a controlled manner, but you are still smoking and what you should be doing is to quit and get it over with....72 hours of withdrawal, but then it's out of your system. Using any aid that feeds you nicotine still makes you an addict, albeit a more acceptable one with less complaints from other people.

I smoked for 40 years and have learned this much....there is no easy way to quit, no magic pill, but if you want it bad enough and you are committed, you can do it!

Try reading the articles at whyquit.com. Support from family/friends is vital so make sure you ask everyone for their help!
Good luck!
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