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How to tamper the urge?

My anxiety is two fold.  Something will happen which creates in me the excessive urge to go and take care of a situation which I should just leave alone.  I don't want to go in the first place because it is none of my concern.   Then in my anxiousness I end up creating an uproar because I feel it is necessasry for me to get to the bottom of the matter or take care of it myself no matter what right then and there.  So therefore I have created this havoc as a looney tune to people looking at me like I am crazy then I realize just what I have done, again, and have to back peddle in embarrasment.  Normally, if it applies I will be repremanded for it and told the disruptive behavior is not acceptable.    

Seriously I do not realize I have done it again.  If I can just stick to my own business and waive off the urge to fly off and take care of something that I should have not concerned myself with in the first place.    What are fello members secrets for tampering the anxiety urge?"
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