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How do I overcame anxiety PLEASE HELP ME I CANT EVEN CAME OUT OF MY ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm having the same problem I'm fine in my house just out. When something works for me ill let you know
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hello jansie, what happens when you come out of your room?
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hello cwg, I see you are having the same problem. Whats happens,and how did this start.
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My guess is this started out a lil diff... Like lil by lil you could do less and less and now your just in your room? I feel so bad/sad for you because that was me a few yrs back... What took place in your life? It took my Husband leaving me and with two kids I had to get out and HELP... It's even hard to see a Doc trust me I know... Have someone you trust take you... I made my Sister go with me and I got put on meds, but the meds didn't help and made me feel bad... So everyday I worked on lil things like leaving my room, going to the mail box, going shopping and now I have a full time job... It took me time yrs, but I do NO you can and will come out of  this... You feel alone and maybe at times a lil crazy cause norm ppl can leave a room, go shopping and have a life.... So can you!!!!  You have to want too... I still have bad days and I have to take it slow and say No one is looking at ME because boy at times it feels that way... Sometimes when I go to a store I'll feel it coming on and  i'll get hot, my face will turn red and sometimes I just can't do it and I'll have to walk out with nothing... That's OK TOO cause I got out and I did try so maybe the next day OR even a week later I can make it back to the store, but the more you stay away the harder it will be and you will do less and less till your just in bed doing nothing... Try just today going into a new room if even for a min or two... Then the next day pick a new room till you can make it to your door then lil by lil you will make your way back into the world of the living... I hope  this will help and I hope I didn't say anything wrong... Good luck and if ever you need to vet :O)
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I know how hard it is for you. About 5 years ago I was stuck in my apartment and wouldn't even go to my mail box in the hall. Now I am out and about. up until 1 month ago I was out  7 days a week going to two jobs  that I had for 4 years( I just quit 1 job) so now I'm out only 5 days a week. I went from being  housebound to going out into the big wide world but doing one thing at a time step by baby step. It took a while but by repeating the phrase baby steps I went from going to the front door then to the mail box then to the front steps then to the store down the street all taking babysteps. It can be done. It is scarey as all get out but it can be done. Start small and give yourself as much time as you need. Just remember babystep and don't forget to give yourself a well deserved pat on the back when you take that step. Hope that helps. Good luck. :)
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when you take the decision to seek help and push your self forward, its important to change your beliefs first.Talk with your physician or psychotherapist.
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