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27 month old not talking

hi hope somone can help me. i'm very worried about my 2 year old boy who although trying has still not managed to say a word properly.

shane is our very happy little boy. he is now 2 years 3 months but still does not have a single word, not even mama or ta ta! however he never stops trying to speak. he has become very vocal and communicative since about 20 months. everytime he sees a train, bus etc he will shout aagh(his general word) again and again untill we say we the word. if we say the wrong word he will keep shouting, so he does know the word he is trying to say.
he has been trying to say "go" for a good 8 months now and its still "ugh"
our speech therapist has made us realise he does have some of his own language. this is a list of noises shane has.

igh = light
aigh = airplane
ah = open
ahhhhh= if sad or something sad in cartoon
vroom vroom = car noise
eh = helicopter
ain= rain (also does hand sign for rain)
equeak= a kind of squeak he uses sometimes to get our attention our tell us something shocking)

as you can see from list shane only has vowel noises and most of them are hard to distinguish from each other unless said in context. he also has a general aaghh... which he uses for eveything. for example he will use this for tractor or truck even though it sounds nothing like it.

shane is very expressive and happy, loves playing hide and seek, going out on the road to play with other boys and girls, throwing the ball down the stairs to me, piggy backs , drawing with pens or markers. he is a real giggler.
some of his play is repeptitive for e.g. when out with friends he likes being around them but is not really playing with them. he will spend a lot of time dropping stones down shores.
when in bath he spends whole time pouring water from one cup to another again and again.
shane also exhibits a strange behavior when excited. he will open his mouth wide while opening and closing his hands this could be while watching tv or watching a child swinging or truck passing etc... this usually last less than a minute.

shane has also been very noise sensitive even when he was only 4 months old after christening he was in pram in a pub for about an hour and he was upset by the background noise. could not settle. most babies would have slept through.
at 4 months also i remember he didn't like to be held, preferred to lie in pram. not sure how long this lasted.

i remember when he was 1 we couldn't bring him to indoor play centres or even if his nannas house was full of kids he couldn't cope with the noise and i would have to bring him upstairs.
if out in buggy would get very upset if passing a lawnmower or noisy traffic. his noise sensitivity is not as bad anymore (now loves play centre) but still terrified of hoover hairdryer stc... doesn't like singing for e.g. happy birthday.

gets upset when going into some rooms for e.g when he has appointments just wants to leave the room. even at mother baby group.

here is another list of concerns about shane.

-only in last couple of months beginning to understand simple instructions like get your shoes.

- poor imitating skills won't go nursery rhymes actions. very slow to pick up sign language,
-although i think he knows a alot of body parts he won't point them out when asked. ( only head or nose then stops)
-open mouth and hand clenching when excited
-noise sensitve
-doesn't like hair being brushed or hands washed.
-hates swings, seems scared if put on one yet loves slide.
-short attention span
- repetitive play with stones and water
-shane was quiet baby who stopped babbling around 16 months oldb

we have started pecs system with shane which he's picking up no problem.

sorry its so long but hard to put all this into words.
hope someone has some idea because the experts here just say he is a very complex case. he's just been accepted for assessment of needs in st josephs in charleville which they will have to complete by end of july so hopefully ll find out more then. he has been to speech therapists but all they can do with him is play with toys.. not much progress.

would love some feedback.





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