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3 year old not saying anything, could you recommend the best therapy?

Our pediatrician strongly recommend to consider sensory therapy for my son, who doesn't want to talk. When he was born, doctors told us that he would be a "slow-learner", but I'm really worried. Which form of therapy is better: auditory or cognitive? We did some reading, like http://www.sensory-therapies.com/ and I'm thinking about ILS, TLP and "Play attention". Please help us to choose.
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Play attention, ILS and TLP are the therapies for children who face difficulty to speak.
PLAT ATTENTION is a learning system to improve attention, behavior, and cognitive function for children and adults. Play Attention has an armband that measures brain activity. It provides visual and auditory feedback in a game-like environment designed to sharpen certain skills. This is basically for increasing the attention of children towards their daily routine.
THE LISTENING PROGRAM (TLP): is a sound therapy programs for children who face difficulty to speak. It is process of training children's brain by listening to acoustically-modified instrumental music through high quality headphones. It helps children to  process auditory information more efficiently.
INTEGRATED LISTENING SYSTEMS (ILS): is a multi-sensory program that improves the function of brain. The program involves listening to particularly modified music coupled with movement activities. As the program
progresses, language and cognitive processes will be added for a whole brain/body “workout”. The program is decided by therapist according to the children's condition.
Hope you understand the difference between these three therapies. Now you can choose according to your children condition. Good luck.  
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