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3 years old not having conversation possible autism?

Hi, I am from the Philippines. I can't sleep at night since my husband, son and i went to the neurologist last oct 25, 2016. The doctor checked my son and told that there is a possibility that he has autist because he shows some red flags. Though she didn't confirm it i am still worried. My son is now 3 years old, he line up toys but not obsess on it. He has inconsistent eye contact. I am just confused because he babbles a lot when we use to play with him. he can follow instruction but sometimes ignore when we call him. he can sing and dance to the nursery rhyme songs. The problem is he can't initiate conversation when he wants somethings, he just pull our hands to the things he want. Please help me.
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I would recommend seeing a Speech Language Pathologist to assess your son. They can help you understand what you can do to help your son. ABA therapy is a wonderful technique that may be recommended. The sooner you get support, the sooner you will be able to help your son communicate! Best of luck!
thank you for your reply. Until now i am still confuse. He is now doing occupational therapy and soon will do speech therapy, hope it will help him.
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