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8 year old that's not saying beginning of words when talking

When my 8 year old is speaking he's saying everything he wants to, but it's like he's not saying the beginning of every word.its almost as he's not saying the "r" & "t" sounds also. He does speech therapy twice a week for over 2 years now. His speech has gotten a little better, but it's very slow..his hearing was tested and it was fine..I still think it's something with hearing..he's normal kid basically, a ball of energy..I know this can be fixed and so badly want to help him and will do anything it takes. He's getting older and I know this will be a big disadvantage for him in school and kids may be cruel to him cause of his speech..
Someone suggested to me that I should have an MRI done on his head and see if it shows anything that could be causing this.
He had his frenum cut...he can make "r" sounds if he really tries.....I found that by asking him what he was saying numerous times when I couldn't understand...I won't do that anymore though cause he gets so frustrated and mad that you can't understand him....most words just sound like 2 syllables. Thanks for any suggestions and help
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