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Harvard Children's Book on Speech Disorders
I am a Harvard business school student writing a children's book relating to speech and communication disorders.

I am trying to research how to write an effective children's storyline that combines medical information with a fun storyline. We are basing our story on one of our MBA classmates who overcame some significant speech development challenges growing up.

We would love feedback from the Inspire community about our book idea! Our goal is to produce a really great book that helps families!!

1) Do you own children’s books relating to speech pathology and speech development challenges?
2) If so, how many children’s books on speech pathology do you own?
3) How did you select what kinds of children’s books you purchased?

4) How important are the relative importance of:
(i) illustrations
(ii) story theme
(iii) medical knowledge embedded in the storyline

5) Do you enjoy the time you spend with your children reading?

6) If you could improve something about the existing speech disorder children’s books you own, what would you change?

7) What do you wish other people knew about raising a child with a speech challenge, or what it is like being a child with a speech disorder?

8) Would you be comfortable sharing your family’s story in a children’s book?

9) Would you be interested in connecting with other families who have children with speech challenges via an online children’s book portal?

10) Would you like to collaborate on a multi-family book of stories about raising children with speech disorders?
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