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Just stuttering when angry. But why?

To make it short: I normally never stutter or anything in that way. At all. Okay, sometimes I stop talking to consider what exactly to say next, but actually I talk really fast and fluent most of the time. No matter if I'm nervous, exited or ANYTHING, really. The only time I start stuttering is, when I'm really angry at someone/something. But every time I then try to let that anger out and start a practical I-hate-you-so-much-right-now speech I can't even get one sentence out, because I always suddenly start to stutter.
It's really bad in that moment, because either I stop talking before someone catches up to my problem in that second, or I'll get my point across, but fully emberess myself in front of whoever happens to be near me at that time.
The really bad thing is, that I actually only start getting this angry when someone starts blaming everything that goes wrong with anything on me. And it's kinda bad, when I can't even answer them in that moment and just have to listen to them rambling about how I'm to blame for everthing, because - if I did open my mouth - I'd stutter so much in my rage, I wouldn't be able to form even one sentence without needing at least 5-8 minutes for it. (And there I'd just get to say: "It isn't my fault, if you can't even do one thing on your own!")

I didn't really found any pages that could tell me about it, so I though maybe you could help me.
I have just two questions:
1. What could cause something like this? Why do I start stuttering like crazy only when I'm angry while I could really possibly talk steady during the end of the world?
2. How can I stop this from happening? Or will I always have to sit there, letting people hate-talk about me, while I'm unable to do anything?

I'm thankful for any answers, help and information.

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Don't worry, I do the same exact thing. But, the problem is that your so angry, you might have the words planned out in your head, but you just don't know which to say first. I'm not expert at this but I know what you're going through. You say that when your completely normal, you won't stutter. That's because you're calm. So, when your angry, just try to calm yourself and then you speak. Plus, you talk fast, so your mouth and throat is more confused then your brain is. And this is something that wont go away until you're calm. Think of it like shoelaces; you won't noticed they're untied until your trip over them, right? I hope this helps :)
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Don't worry be happy and calm ur mind  ,, if u r happy all time u ll b al right ...
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it happens with me too.. sometimes my mouth shakes when i am in fighting mode.. i think this happens because as we are angry our senses of speech gets dumb..we cannot concentrate on what to speak...our mind is occupied with so much anger and guys cannot multi task..i think the solution is that when angry..count from 15 to 1 and then speak..
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Hi Silence!

There is a demands and capacities models that explains that the higher the demands are brought upon us (stress, emotions, work, time pressures) then the lower our capacities for fluent speech become. They are inversely related. Opposite.  So when a very strong emotion like anger comes, your brain has high demand which means low capacity for fluent speech.  Try lowering the demand by either trying to reduce the anger with deep breaths, or mentally preparing what you will say in different scenarios.  So if you know you're upset about an issue and the person comes up to you, you can confront them first before you're angry with the script you have.  You can even write it down and practice it.  Or write it and let them read it.  Explain beforehand that you cannot speak when you're angry and that you prefer to write. Plus, it usually comes out nicer and you tend not to say things you can't take back when you write them! ;)

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