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My two year old son doesn't speak or understand language?

I am meeting with a pediatrican in two weeks. Meanwhile, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what could be wrong with my 25 month old son.

1. He doesn't speak ANY real words.
2. He was trying to speak a few months ago. But he won't repeat words now. He only repeated one or two back then.
3. He is an extremely finnicky eater. Now he is down to yogurt (almost any kind), peanut butter and jam sandwiches, and any sweet cake or cookie, pediasure. And he is still nursing.
4. He doesn't seem to understand things unless you are standing right in front of him, and even then, only basic directions, such as "time to go".
5. He looks like a baby. He is in the bottom 15 percentile for weight, but 50th for height.
6. He doesn't make sound effects or mimmick any sound when playing "vroom vroom" etc.

On the other side:

1. He has absolutely no repetitive or obsessive behaviors with toys or otherwise.
2, No temper tantrums
3. Loves his midday nap and sleeps through the night (although nurses).
4. Jolly, laughs, and makes eye contact for ages. Happiest boy in the world.
5. Plays meaningfully with toys: ex: presses the correct button on things, drives cars on tracks, mows the lawn.
6. Will show us toys and engage us to play. He particularly loves throwing the ball.
7. Is a good climber but is not fearless.
8. Understands things if you are right in front of him, such as: time to go, don't do that.
9. Shows empathy and amazing affection, on his own, unprompted.
10. Seems he gets pretend play: he made me drink from a cup and then drank from it, and squealed with laughter. He brushes his teeth, puts on glasses and laughs. Nothing over and over.
11. Babbles endlessly. Sometimes makes his own words up. Says many "stories".
12. Can mimmick some gestures: he shakes his head no. He does the actions to "Wheels on Bus" but makes me do them, he pushes me towards things rather than clearly point.
13. He looks for Dad when he comes home, running to the door.
14. He plays well with other children (most clearly my other sons, who he wants to be near. He imitates what they do).
15. He is good on playgrounds.
16. Can open doors, cabinets, stack things, has excellent motor skills for his age.
17. If his mood is right he can sit through a storybook.

I got some great feedback from one Dad who suggested its just a communication lag and we do plan to get him in speech therapy, etc as soon as the pediatrician recommends and looks at everything.

But does anyone had ANY ideas? Could this be ASD?

I'd like to be as prepared as possible for my meeting.


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