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Wondering if it's too late for speech therapy?

I'm 27 yrs old & wondering if it's too late for speech therapy because of my age. I stutter sometimes & can't pronounce some words well. Like it's hard to make it come out. Feels like it's getting worse each passing year. When I was younger, I know I spoke better. Wasn't as bad like now. Thinking about speech therapy.
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It’s never too late for speech therapy. Just go to a clinic that specializes in stuttering therapy. Not every SLP will have experience in this area as our field is quite broad. They will come up with treatment techniques that is best suited for your need!
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That's very true. Intervention at any age or stage is surely to have a benefit of some sort.  Are you a SLP or been to one?
I’m an SLP
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It's never late for speech therapy. Stuttering is not a disease but a disorders. Conventional therapies wouldn't work, you need a specific system just for stutterers as the mechanical thoughts are not aligned with the speaking system. It involves many mechanical, technical and emotional factors. Even the fear of speaking, or if you are not able to correct your mistakes during your speech, you would need to face all those situations where you should speak.

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I agree that it is never too late.  I think stuttering is addressed with speech and language pathologists but also can be related to anxiety to be addressed by a therapist.  But I love your answer here, Connie!  Thank you for that. Hope you come back to the forum as there are many who could benefit from your insight!
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