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what are best cities / districts for speech language therapy

I have 4 and 1/2 years old (bilingual) daughter. She has problem communicating complex sentences. She can say simple sentences in the language we speak at home. but cant tell the complete story. Her pediatrician refers her to a speech language pathologist. We are waiting for first evaluation appointment. We kind of frustrated with the pediatrician for that late diagnosis although we showed our concern at the previous appointment. currently, We are living in broward county, florida and closest counties are palm beach and miami dade counties. we want to move  to a city / district with best speech language therapy services as public schools in our area are not good.  
1- Does anyone know the district or city anywhere in USA best for speech therapy services?  
2- Does anyone know if we move out from here, our new location school district will accept the first evaluation or  we have to go through evaluation process in that school district?
3- can someone please share their experience of improvement in speech of their child after speech therapy.
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I have a speech problem and what didn’t help me was everybody reinforcing that I had the problem. That only willed the stronghold and made me believe it more. She’s still young tell her she can speak and when people speak they don’t think about what they are going to say they just speak. And just let her do it if she stutters or anything just wait for her to finish speaking. She’ll get it down and it would help to find out why she turned out that way. My dad made me stutter.
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