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Cervical stenosis concern


I have had severe neck discomfort for 5+ years.  I've dealt with it, as I have been told by 4-5 suergons that my foramonal cervical stenosis is likely not causing my neck discomfort (stiffness, constant cracking, neck tenderness and spasms from my upper neck going down to my traps).  I've tried acupuncture and have tried muscle relaxers, steroid injections, trigger point shots, and several other non-invasive treatments.  Next on the list may be a small dosage of a Botox injection.

For the past 4-5 days, my right arm is incredibly week and tender.  In particular, my right bicep is very achy, with a similar feeling in the muscle of my forearm on my right arm.  I have full strength, no radiating pain, but if i was to extend my arms and hold two weights, I feel as if my right arm would not be able to remain extended for a long period of time.  I hear popping noises in my wrist and shoulder when i fully extend my arm.

My MRI from 2 months ago remains unchanged from 2 and 3 years ago.  Suergons have said my neck discomfort is likely unrelated to the stenosis from my MRI and don't think surgery would help, and each neurosurgeon and ortheropedic suergon has suggested against surgery.

I am truly hoping to new right arm and right bicep tenderness (especially with pressure on the muscles in these two areas) and weakness (although with full strength) is related to a bad night of sleep or something and not the stenosis.  I don't know what to do for this and am very concerned.

Please see below for my MRI results.  I really appreciate insight and your opinions!

degenerative appearance of the vertebral bodies. The spinal cord has normal signal.

C3-4 there is a central and right lateral recess osteophytic disc ridge there is right
greater than left lateral recess and proximal foraminal stenosis unchanged.

At C4-5 there is a left lateral recess foraminal osteophytic disc ridge with lateral
recess and foraminal stenosis this to is unchanged.

At C5-6 there is a central noncompressive stable osteophytic disc ridge.

Review of the remaining levels does not demonstrate evidence of focal abnormality, disc
herniation or stenosis.


Stable multilevel degenerative spondylitic change with asymmetries as above.

ICD 10 -
Cervical disc degeneration C2-3 and C3-4, M50.31
Cervical disc degeneration C4-5, C5-6, C6-7, M50.32
Cervical foraminal stenosis M99.61
Abnormal straightening cervical curve, M40.40
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Are you comfortable with the doctors. There are doctors that passed the test and doctors that change the world. As an electrician I know that I wouldn't trust many of them to work in a nuclear plant yet alone change a light bulb. But they are still called electricians. Unfortunately there is no service that actually rates doctors. I know countless people that were told that it was all in their head, until they finally found a real doctor.
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