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Chronic back pain

I've never had this kind of back pain before and it's so bad it makes me want to cry. It's a sharp shooting pain just above the hips and it only happens on one side at different times. It's never happened on both sides at the same time.

I'm really concerned and wondering what the cause of this could be. It was so bad I had to stop working today and take prescribed hydrocodone.  I'm 22, male and weigh about 164pounds.

The doctors have said everything looks good in blood tests, so what the heck is going on with me?
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You are 22 years old, get yourself to a spinal specialist and get the proper testing done.  Only MRI and a few other tests can determine disk issues, spinal stenosis, etc.  Do not wait.  I waited for 5 years after my pain began and my back is disaster.  I have chronic pain that is relentless and would not anyone as young as you to have to live like that.  Blood tests will tell you nothing regarding a back injury.  Please take care of yourself, you only get one spine and you need to take care of it.  See a specialist ASAP.
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Pain in or above the hips could be a sign of lumbar spine disease or injury. Blood tests are not an effective diagnostic test for detecting structural spine disease. I imagine your doctors were ruling out kidney disease first, which would show in a blood test.

Next, your doctors will probably recommend xray and/or MRI or refer you to a back specialist to discover if your pain is related to musculo-skeletal disease or injury.
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