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Could a spinal cord injury cause a thoracic syrinx?

In a 22nd year female who has had almost crippling waves of abdominal pain for the past two years. Its usually with a headache and severe nausea. I was diagnosed with IBS but by a chance MRI (for my hearing problems) they found I have a Chiari Malformation. I ended up getting referred to Neurosurgery who took a full MRI of my brain (the first was just a slice). My Neurologist who referred me had scheduled a spine MRI but it got cancelled. The neurosurgeon said my main issue was hydrocephalus which he treated with a shunt. He said that this should ease my other symptoms and that the abdominal pain was likely unrelated.
Now when I was in high school I got an injury to my back. My mom took me to the chiropractor for pain in my feet and hands and he said that at some point I'd twisted my hip out of joint and had pinched two nerves. He actually winched when he look at the XRay he took, which I don't think is ever a good sign. He told me I could either get it surgically repaired, which could leave me paralysed from the waist down, or that I could see him for a few years and he could fix it through readjustment. I didn't end up doing either and just haven't thought about it for years.
The chiropractor didn't give me any images and I've since moved away from where he is. I don't have his information. I've read that spinal cord injuries can cause syrinx and that lower spinal syrinxs can cause abdominal pain. With a combo of my Chiari Malformation and a known spinal injury, should I push for imaging of my lower spine to rule out a syrinx?
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