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Do I need surgery

I Had back surgery in 2016, but took a fall in 2018 and have been getting increasingly worse.  I just dont want to do surgery if there is another option.
MRI THORACOLUMBAR SPINE WO CONTRAST   Exam date: 10/12/2020 3:19 PM Comparison: None Indication: Back pain or radiculopathy, > 6 wks   Technique: Multiplanar, multiecho imaging was obtained of the thoracolumbar spine without the use intravenous contrast. T1, T2, and STIR sequences were acquired.     Findings: The thoracic and lumbar vertebral segments demonstrate proper anatomic height and alignment without fracture, subluxation, or abnormal marrow replacement process.    Benign T1 and T2 hypointense enostosis is present within the L2 vertebral body. Minimal mid thoracic as well as lumbar disc space narrowing with anterior spondylosis. Mild-moderate mid-lower lumbar facet arthropathy changes.   The conus medullaris terminates normally, at the level of L1.  The cauda equina is normal.  There are no intraspinal masses.    The visualized intra-thoracic and intra-abdominal structures reveal simple renal cortical cysts bilaterally measuring 2.0 cm on the right and 2.8 cm on the left   -Level by level evaluation- -Thoracic spine- No posterior disc pathology, evidence of central canal stenosis or neural foraminal narrowing is present throughout the thoracic spine.   -Lumbar spine- L1-2 and L2-3: Unremarkable.   L3-4: Broad annular protrusion causes mild central canal stenosis along with minimal right and moderate left neural foraminal narrowing.   L4-5: Broad posterior disc protrusion and facet hypertrophy cause mild central canal stenosis along with mild-moderate right and minimal left neural foraminal narrowing.   L5-S1: Broad posterior disc protrusion and facet hypertrophy cause mild central canal stenosis and right foraminal narrowing along with moderately severe left foraminal narrowing. Small focal left paracentral central disc extrusion extends cranially along the posterior margin of the L5 vertebral body, measuring 8 x 5 x 10 mm (transverse, AP, CC).     IMPRESSION: 1. Degenerative changes with varying degrees of central canal stenosis and neural foraminal narrowing, most prominently affecting the L5-S1 level as described.      
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