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Freaking out (lower back bone)

Today I slammed what felt like the lower of my back into the corner of a doorframe. Now there is some pain but it feels/looks kinda like a bone is halfway sticking out to the side directly on the top/above my buttcrack areaand depending how I move it will stick out more/less. I plan on getting an x-ray but does anyone have any idea what this could be? There is a little red where it feels like the bone is mild pain and very midly ichy. I took a herbal for the pain but my biggest concern is that if I move a certain way (for example using the  bathroom) that I would risk popping that bone out of place more or possibly tearing it out. I have been walking around my house and sitting in a computer chair with a pillow as I normally do so I thought if it was my spinal cord out of place I most likely would not even be able to walk without extreme pain but I could be wrong. When it happend where I now feel like a bone is sticking out a red "puff" of skin formed that was very ichy but eventually went away. I put ice on it when It happend and I do not believe I have anymore swelling and no bruises but this is very much scaring me.
Any ideas what it could be or tips for keeping it from further injury?
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  Hi and welcome to the SPINAL CORD C/D forum.

I agree you need to be seen by medical professionals.....it could just be a bruise that swelled up....hard to say for sure and that is why you should be seen....there is no way to know just by a description,

A few yrs ago I had a similar issue but mine was leaking fluids....here I had a cyst and while doing pilates I popped it inadvertently....it was painful, but did heal over a period of time. Good luck and let us know what you find out.
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