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Help with interpreting the Thoracic and Lumbar MRI

Part 2 of my forum post.

Here are my Thoracic and Lumbar MRIs - I feel really bad asking for help, I just need some help interpreting so that I can understand what I'm wriing in the appeal letter. since I can't get in to see a doctor that can read them[.

Date: May 2016 - No prior imaging

Findings: There is minimal/borderline decreased bony AP canal diameter secondary short pedicles throught the midthoracic region. No signifiant disc protrution/disc bulges are noted. Focal fat versus hemangioma LEFT aspect of T4. There is minimal narrowing the LEFT neural foramina at approximately T8-9 secondary to facet hypertrophy. Neural foramina otherwise essentially preserved. Vertebral body height, alignment, and marrow signals are otherwise preserved.

1. Minimal bony canal narrowing througout the midthoracic region secondary to short pedicles.
2. No significant disc protrusion/disc disease identified.
3. Mild LEFT foraminal narrowing at approximately T8-9 secondary to facet hypertrophy.
Follow up as indicated.


date: May 2016 - no prior imaging since 2003 (and I don't have access to those films)

Findings: Postsurgical changes with hardware artifact bilateral pedicle screws and presumed rods L5-S1. Artifact also is present at the L5-S1 disc interspace. Evaluation postsurgica levels limited without contrast on this exam. Vertebral body height alignment appear preseved. Conus terminates at L1. Nonsurgical disc levels appear preserved. Small area of focal fat versus hemangioma at T12. Individual disc level as detailed below:

T12-L1: Minimal bilateral facet hypertrophy and trace LEFT facet effusion. No significant thecal sac or foraminal stenosis.

L1-2: Unremarkable.

L2-3: Minimal disc bulge without significant thecal sac or foraminal stenosis.

L3-4: Mild to moderate bilateral facet and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy. Mild disc bulge. AP thecal sac diameter preserved in the midline. Mild LEFT greater than RIGHT foraminal narrowing.

L5-S1: Posterior decompression suggested. AP thecal sac diameter widely patent. No obvious foraminal narrowing.

Post surgical changes L5-S1 as above.
Mild degenerative change/disc disease as detailed at each individual disc levels above.
Follow up as indicated.
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  See part one thread for my reply.
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