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How do i get rid of the pain radiating down my arm?

I'm a 30 year old female and I developed a cramping pain 3 years ago, while I was doing my internship, which I attributed to the work load. Since it was not subsiding with analgesics and muscle relaxants, I went for physiotherapy, and it gradually waned off. It recurred the following year too, with a similar pattern. But this time when I got it, it was persistent for more than two months, and it started radiating down my left arm, up to my wrist. Since it was not settling with any of the medications I took, I got admitted under the supervision of a Neurologist and got a MRI done.

MRI report as follows:

There is straightening of the cervical spine
Spinal segmentation and marrow signal is normal
Vertebral body heights are normal
Spondylotic changes with disc dehyrdation noted with a posterior disc bulge indenting the thecal sac mainly at C5/6 level.
There is mild to moderate thecal stenosis at this level.
Cord however is normal in size and returns normal signal.
Axila scan demonstrates a concentric disc bulge at C5/6 levels flattening the anterior cord
No significant cord compression
Exit foramina are normal
No intra dural masses
Cranio cervical junction is normal

Spondylotic changes of the cervical spine
There is mild to moderate thecal stenosis due to a posterior disc bulge at C5/6 level
No significant cord compression

I was given duloxetine 60mg daily, which I discontinued in less than a week, as it was making me very groggy and disturbing my sleeping patterns.

Since the pain was getting worse, and also since I had developed a sharp pricking pain down my arm and hand, I consulted a Neurosurgeon on the 20th of June. He advised me to wear a hard collar (I didn't abide by it, as I couldn't do my routine office work and autopsies wearing a hard collar). I was supposed to wear a soft collar to bed and I was put on

pregablin 75mg bd.(which I have been taking for past 2 months or so), celecoxib 200mg bd., methyprednisolone 4mg bd., tinidazine 2mg nocte.

And I also take panedeine and dicofenac sodium according to the intensity of the pain. I was told that the architecture of my neck is very disrupted. Instead of looking like a bow, my C-spine is in a peculiar angle and is unable to bear the weight of my head, and he also said that it's a very serious problem.

I got this very severe pain 3 days back, which I would rate 8/10 and persisted for more than 24 hours, despite my routine drugs. This is so frustrating and I am suffering from poor sleep, and difficulty performing my routine work. There is no weakness or numbness. And the neurological examination was unremarkable.

The persistent pain is making me feel very depressed, emotionally labile and causes difficulty in concentrating in office work, and it is a taking a toll on me, as I have to meet deadlines as a trainee.

Sir kindly advice me on what further I could do. I will be very much grateful if you could advice me on available avenues of surgery and its  complications etc.

Thanking you in advance.

May God bless you Sir.
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