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IS MY problem of spinal origin or a joint oriented

Hi ,
Im a 48 yrs old female whove had pain and numbness in my left iliac fossa area ,  for the last 1 year . the pain and numbness increases on exertion sitting or bending movements .
I was told it could be  arthritis specific to the left SI joint  followed by a few  UTIs I faced an year ago.  ...

  on an X ray L/S spine AP and lateral view   the significant findings  were as follows  :
relative straightening of lumbar curvature is noted , suggestive of muscular spasm . Mild anterior and lateral osteophytes seen in lower lumbar vertebral levels, however disc spaces and vertebral body heights are fairly preserved. FACET JOINT ARTHROPATHY INVOLVING L1-S1 VERTEBRAL LEVEL  is noted resulting in vertebral foramina narrowing at this level .
LEFT SI JOINT shows reduced space with fuzzy margins and PERIARTICULAR SCLEROSIS . no evidence of spondylosis or spondylolosthesis

My Question is : is my pain and numbess due to some joint pathology ( SI joint ) or it could be based at the L1-S1 LEVEL BEING some disc disorder  .?
thanks  tonns ..much appreciated ..
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Note that the report states the SI joint shows no osteoarthritis.

However, the L5-S1 facet joint osteo-arthritis, not a disc problem, could be causing pain. Facet joint syndrome is treated with medial branch neurolysis. Foramenal stenosis in this area may respond to steroid injection.

Seek a board certified interventional pain specialist for diagnosis and treatment options.
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