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I fractured my L1-L5 transvers process 3 weeks ago. Most of the pain is gone except for a numb/tingle feeling in my right hip/butt area and goes no lower or higher. When I saw my neuro doctor he said I would need time to heal of course but haven't done any nerve damage. Should I be worried about this and what could be the cause if there isn't and nerve damage and should I schedule another appointment with him?
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Give it some more time -- three weeks is not enough for the bone to heal.
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  Hi  and  welcome  to the Spinal  Cord C/D forum.

I  have to  agree with philnoir....give  it  more time....not  only for the bone, but the nerves  themselves may not have damage but will still  need to heal.

  5  yrs  ago  I  had  surgery to help with some  neuro  issues  and was told  nerves  can  take  up  to  2  yrs  to heal completely...some of  us  it  may not  be  as  long  or  can  take  longer....

Unless  you have  new symptoms  or  sensations,  I would  wait  before  you  contact  the  Dr.

Good luck  and  keep  us  posted  on your  progress  : )
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