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Newly Diagnosed Thoracic Syrinx

Hi,  My 25 year old son had an MRI of his entire spine and they found a thoracic syrinx from T3 to T10, with it being it's widest at T7 at 2mm.  They said there is good flow and communication, and that there is no Chiari formation.  Since one of the symptoms he was experience was shortness of breath, it was a pulmonary doctor who ordered the MRI.  This doctor referred us to an ortho doctor since my son has scoliosis, but this didn't help much since he was strictly ortho and not neuro.  He basically said that the syrinx was too small to be causing any of the issues my son has been experiencing over the last two months.  

My son had gone to a chiropractor a couple of months ago who was rough with his adjustments.  After a few adjustments, he stopped going.  A few days after the third adjustment, he felt a weird sensation under his ribcage, and he has had problems with shortness of breath ever since, along with a burning type sensation that radiates from his back to his sternum and under his ribcage. His blood pressue that night was very high and erratic.  
The ortho specialist didn't think there was anything the chiropractor could have done to either cause this syrinx, or if it was something congenital - aggrevate it.  Needless to say, he was a total waste of our time.  

We live in the Tampa Bay area.  I have read reviews on Dr. Balais in Tampa that weren't too promising, and so so reviews on Dr. Green in Miami.  It's hard to believe that they are the only ones I can find in our state.  Does anyone else know of someone who specializes in Thoracic Syrinxs.  I am finding that not very many people even know what is it.  Since finding out about it, I have done extensive reading on the internet to know has much as I can about it.  

Thanks for any help.

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  Hi...next time u forget to say something u can post it like this and add to the same thread...I will now read the other one and comment there as I am not sure what else u have to say....
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