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Please help me interpret my cervical spine MRI, from work related injury

I was injured on my job over a year ago, this is the recent mri report I have. Could someone please help me decipher this? WC personnel told me their opinion was this isnt from my injury but from normal wear and tear. Never had these symptoms till the injury. Im in my mid 40's. My neck is in constant pain along with stiffness, pain in my left shoulder.

Spinal Cord midbrain normal. C-3-4 central & left side disc protrusion impressing anterior left side spnail cord encroaching left neuroforminal canel. Right lateral disc bulge encroached into right neuroforminal canel and impressied on right nerveroot. C4-5 diffuse slighty left side disc bulge. C6-7 diffuse disc bulge.

C3-4 central disc protrusion impressing central slightly right side spinal cord. Central left sided disc protrision impressing anterior left side spinal cord and encroaches left neuroforminal calen and impressing left nerveroot. Osteophtye disc complex extending into right neuroforminal casnel impressing right nerveroot.   C4-5 diffuse left lateral disc bulge encroaching left neuroforminal canel impressing slighty left nerveroot.  Small diffuse left lateral disc bulge C5-6 encroaches into neuroforminal canel. Diifuse bulge C6-7
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  Hi patchmeup and welcome to the Spinal Cord C/D forum.

We are not medical professionals here so we are not able to help in areas we have not have the misfortune to also experience......Outside of having bulging disks like you, I do not know what else to say except it could be the disks causing your issues.

WC is not easy to get things taken care of since you must go to their Dr for a certain amount of time b4 you can go elsewhere for care....it depends on your state as to this timeline.

I would suggest talking with your Dr for his assessment of your testing and what course of action that will be taken

WC does not like to pay out so if you need to, get an attorney to help you.
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Is there any way for you to share your MRI scans as well, privately perhaps. There is always a possibility that a radiologist has missed something which may be of significance.
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