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Pregnant with recent spinal fusion!?!?!

I have had three surgeries within the past four years. The most recent was spinal fusion L/5-S/1 and then corrective spinal fusion located at same site. Last surgery was at the end of '08 and I am now 4 months pregnant. I have been noticing that the sharp shooting pain down my legs have slowly been returning through the night and I am woundering if I made a terrible mistake by not terminating this pregnancy. When my doctor found out he was highly concernd and said that I shouldn't have had anymore children but it's happend so we will have to try to manage. I just don't want to end up in a wheel chair with a new baby. Anyone please help. Is this dangerous? Are the pains in my legs the beginnig of a very bad issue?
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Holly it depends on the reasons for ur pain in ur legs. At least feel assured that ur spinal cord can't paralize u or anything as ur surgeries were down lower. Our spinal cords end at the l1/l2 level and what's called the cauda equine, branch out from our cord, its like a horses tail. It supplies the root nerves to the rest of the spine from l2 on down. If the added pressure of pregnancy causes pressure to be put on ur l5/s1 nerves due to whatever then u know what to expect as it sounds like ur a veteran in l5/s1 radiculpathy. Hang in there, see a chiro if u can to help adjust what needs adjusting so u can becomfortable thruout ur pregnancy. Take care and I wish u the best!!! *hugs*
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A drug used during a common back procedure has been linked to cancer
The drug is Infuse, which is supposed to stimulate bone growth after a spinal fusion procedure.

It's already been linked to everything from infection to sterility  but now, a leading researcher finds that high doses of the drug can boost the odds of cancer by 2.5 times in the first year alone, and by 500 percent in the three years after the procedure.

Dr. Eugene Carragee, editor-in-chief of Spine Journal, told the North American Spine Society that these cancers include breast and prostate cancer.

That bad news: The drug was also linked to pancreatic cancer  the same cancer that killed Steve Jobs and claims nearly 95 percent of all patients within five years.

Dr. Carragee said the risk seemed to be greater for Amplify, a high-dose version of Infuse that was rejected by the FDA earlier this year over cancer concerns.

there's evidence that the researchers behind the studies that were used to get Infuse approved turned a blind eye to its side effects.

these researchers claimed the drug was practically risk-free  and many of those same researchers were also collecting millions of dollars from Medtronic, the company that makes Infuse.

A more recent look at the data  including the data from the trials that supposedly found that drug to be so safe  found that up to 50 percent of patients given Infuse experience side effects such as infection, bone loss and excess bone growth.

And for men, the drug may also come with a risk of both sterility and a horrific condition called retrograde ejaculation.

That last one is exactly what it sounds like: You ejaculate backwards, into your bladder instead of out the penis.

There's no alternative to Infuse
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