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Progressive Myelomalacia

Progressive Myelomalacia.. This is seen at my injury site in my cervical area. Could anyone tell me more about why it is progressive? I thought Myelomalacia just meant an area that has been damaged due to an injury etc. Does this mean it will get worse for me over time? I am somewhat worried but I just don't seem to get any answers from the doctors. This all cam about after an injury that I did not know what had caused my weakness and problems which I ended up having 2 ops for ACDF at c-5-c6-c7..The last mri says progressive Mylo but without cord compression (now) what does this mean for the future? any help would be great..
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  Hi and welcome to the Spinal Cord C/D forum.

From what I understand about this condition is can react like a domino effect, the softened area of the spinal cord due to injury can increase as the muscles tighten to help compensate for the injured area. In the area of injury the disks can shift and cause more issues....

I am not a medical professional, but it seems there may be a way to slow the progression, surgery or  steroids.....

If the Dr u r seeing is not helping, research others in this field and get other opinions.

Best of luck to u,
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myelomalacia developed after cervical surgery 3 1/2!yrs ago - I had a meningioma at c4/5 with nerve root involvement - Neuro surgeon was very aggressive in trying to remove tumor from my nerve root and I came out unable to move my right arm which was fully functional prior to surgery . I have since developed myelomalacia with balance problems and dropping things - I am told there is no treatment but am going to Mayo in a week seeking some hope - is there any research or better place to pursue my hope of some treatment or slowing of the myelomalacia -  if there is a research project or more specialized referral you can provide I would appreciate it - surely there is help somwhere- is there any stem cell research willing to take cases like mine
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