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What to do about Thoracic Disc Herniations

I have a C5-T1 fusion and still suffer from upper back pain.  MRI indicates:
T1-2:  Moderate facet arthrosis.  Moderate to advanced left foraminal stenosis
T2-3:  Mild to moderate left foraminal narrowing
T3-4:  Broad based disc osteophyte complex with rightward predominance, causing partial affacement of the anterolateral CSF space
T7-8:  Shallow broad based superior disc extrusion measuring 5mm transverse by 3mm AP.  Causing mild anterolateral cord flattening.  Disc extends 6-7mm superiorly along T7 body
T8-9:  Broad based central/right paracentral disc protrusion measuring 7mm x 2mm causing partial effacement of the anterolateral CSF space.

My doctor's recommendation:  have some hydrocodone and an ice pack

I've tried therapy, Norco, anti-inflamm's, heat, ice....nothing helps.

Are there any surgical options for thoracic disc issues?  They keep telling me I have no options.
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  Hi and welcome to the Spinal Cord C/D forum.

Sorry, I am not aware of the best things for this issue...surgery???...But I wonder if you can look to what your daily activities are if you can make some changes to see if it helps?

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