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back pain and x-ray results

Recently (1 1/2 months) I have had numbness in my left leg, lower knee to ankle on the front half. I had a lower lumbar x-ray and these are the results. There are 6 lumbar type vertebral bodies present. The last large vertebral body has a large right transverse process which articulates w/ the sacrum. The lumbar vertebral bodies are normal in stature. There is minimal decrease disc height at L3-4 and L4-5 levels. There is minimal retrolisthesis of L4 on L5. Minimal anterior spurring noted of the L3 &L4. Mild spondylosis & degenerative disk changes noted in the lower lumbar spine.  What does this mean & could it be a cause of my leg numbness? I haven't fallen or injured anything that I know of. I was given an anti-inflammatory shot & had an allergic reaction to, since then I have had lower back pain sitting or laying, not standing, thus the x-ray.  I am left wondering. Any info would help.
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  Hi and welcome to the Spinal Cord C/D forum.

Have u had testing to see if u have a connective tissue disorder....I have one, and it allows the disks to shift and causes issues with drugs and meds...so look into that for one possibility...the name of the condition I have is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.....

The other thing is u had a lumbar MRI, did they look for tethered cord?
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It was a Lumbar Spine Radiographs, 4 or more views.  I don't believe I have ever had a MRI, I have only had three xrays before, my lungs, wrist and now lower back.  So I don't really know much, I don't even understand what the xrays mean.  I recently found out I am pregnant, after I had the xray, so I don't know if I can have an MRI now or what steps to take to find out what is going on with my back and why the front half of my left leg is still numb and what resulting damage there is.
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   Congratulations !!!
  U r going to have to wait until after u deliver...do let ur OBGYN know the issues u r having....how far along are u.?

U may  have more issues being pregnant...so be aware u may need to go to bed rest the further along u get.....

And see about setting up a MRI as a xray will not show what is going on with muscles and veins...etc...only bone..

U may have a pinched nerve and it may not be in the area u had the xray and as I said nerves do not show on an xray a MRI will need to be done after u give birth.
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Thank you,
Seven weeks six days.  Keeping my fingers crossed, we thought we were 8 months ago and miscarried. We didn't get a pregnancy test done so there was no definitive way of knowing, so Dr. said could be pre-menopause, I hope not. I turn 40 in July, so waiting to tell everyone in case a repeat of last time.  
What harm does an xray do to you if you are pregnant, do you know?  I have a follow-up with my Dr. today on my back, he put me on Prednisone for the pain, but I haven't been taking them since I found out I was pregnant. So today  I decide how to proceed, what my options are.  URG!!
Thank you for everything.
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  Well if they knew u were pregnant they put a heavy apron over u to help lessen the amount of radiation u would get....I have no idea if this one xray would have an effect and if it did what it might be....ur OBGYN would be better able to answer that one.

BTW- I went onto early onset menopause and was done by age 40.....I pray that is not what u r going thru....

Praying for a safe pregnancy and delivery <3
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