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vertebral hemangiomata

Recently i had MRI done because of back pain (around T7 to T9). i am 44 years old female and have very strange numbness and dull pain almost for 3 years in that place but on left side. What MRI have found is  that: "scattered high signal intensity hemangiomata are present at right T10, T11, vertebrae and pedicle as well as the T12 vertebra". How dangerous is it? and what should i do?
thank you very much.
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  Hi and welcome to the Spinal Cord C/D forum.

Not being a medical professional I can not advise u what to do, but if u r worried about surgery and not sure it is right for u, see another Dr to see what they suggest...and go from there ...if u get the same advice it may be something u can not avoid...

U r young to have issues, and if u have numbness it can be from a lack of CSF flow or compression of nerves...if the nerves are compressed for too long it can lead to nerve damage...so do try seeing another Dr and go with ur gut,,it is normal to be nervous, and it is possible to have lasting effects from a surgery like this...so only ur Dr can tell u the benefits of moving forward with surgery and what risks u have with and without surgery.
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I too was recently diagnosed with a hemangioma/lipoma at my T-8. I too have experienced numbness usually around my thigh in my right leg as well as moderate pain around my lower rib cage. I was also diagnosed with a right paracentral herniated disc protrusion measuring 2X3 mm in size, which touches my cord at my T3-4. That is causing me severe pain at all times and if I happen to move in that wrong direction....all my the pain is just unbearable!

I have researched the internet about both and the hemangioma/lipoma is basically a fatty tumor with a lot of blood vessels in it. Rare usually only occurring in about 10 percent of the population. And, usually in adults in their latter years of life. As long as the pain is tolerable, no treatment is necessary. But, if the pain is to much, then the most common treatment recommended is by using radiation!

That absolutely scares the bejesus out of me! My doctor has referred me to a sports spine specialist who I can not afford, so I'm trying to get in to a pain management doctor who may can help me without cutting or probing on me as I absolutely refuse to be cut on!

I don't know what my future holds for me or my family but it is what it is I reckon! All we can do is hope for the best and what is will be.
We've been praying a lot about this as well.

By all means let me know what your doctor tells you as I would like to know. Thanks & I'll say a prayer for you tonight. :)
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Hi, hope you don't mind but I have seen your reply to patikhut and I just wanted to say how similar our symptoms seem to be. I'm a woman in my mid forties and have just had a cavenous hemangioma diagnosed at L7 L8 with severe pain radiating to my left shoulder and lower back. As you say-one wrong move and that's it lol. I have hypersensitivity on my left hand side and that is as bad as the pain sometimes I think as I can't bare to be touched or have clothing on me, there is a block of it around my bra area. I also have another CH in my cervical spine and two more in the left hand side of my brain. I had one removed 10 years ago from the right temporal lobe. I try not to think about this too much and don't talk to my family about it as I don't want to worry them-I don't think my husband really understands how painful it is.
I hope you get your pain management to help you deal with what you are going through and manage to find some way to afford the sports spine specialist that you need and deserve.
Good luck to you and your family, take care :-)
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Thank you jacbak. I haven't mentioned this to my doctor but, I fear I have more on me as well. I have had several "lumps" on my head that most I know is actually sebasthich(?) cysts. My wife and I in the past have actually got a few of them to "pop" and it was nasty! The center of them was hard like a piece of corn.
I know this sounds gross and believe me, you have no idea how gross it was as we was trying to get these suckers! I would cut at them (cause that's 1 thing my wife drew the line at!) until she could under a lot of pressure get them to "pop". But, there is 2 that is not cysts. We have tried to get them and 1 is as hard as a rock. Even with cutting at it "which mad me violently I'll afterwards", what we got to come out felt like it had pieces of sand or bone in it.

See, my problem with doctors started when I was very young. I will never forget this, but when I was 5 there was a large pile of cement blocks stacked behind our home. Me being young, would climb this rock pile and play around it. Well, my Mom came out of our home 1 day and she was walking to my grandmothers home who lived right next door to us.

Dummy me, I was on top of this pile of blocks (the pile was about 8 feet high). Well, I went to jump off of the pile to run and catch up with my mom. But, when I went to jump off the pile the block onto which I was standing on actually pitched beneath my feet and instead of me jumping clear of the pile, I fell head first straight onto a cement block at the bottom of the pile!

I jumped back up and took off running towards my mother, (I was not hurting much at all) all the time my mom was freaking out and the closer I got to her, the more she was freaking out! I stopped to try and figure out why she was freaking out so bad and immediately all I could see was a wall of blood pouring over my eyes! Everything just went red!
Mom immediately rushed me to our family doctor who in turn while trying to get me to stay still strapped me to a gurney. Yes, STRAPPED! I had 3 or 4 straps at different locations! Well, that didn't work. I wiggled until I came out of them straps! And, I proceeded to take off. Then, several office assistants literally held me down while the doctor stitched my head up! To this day I have a scar on my scalp from that block pile and my severe hatred of doctors!

I have always been 1 to doctor myself, but with what I have going on with me now that is not an option!
I refuse to be cut on and I hate needles, so I really don't know how this is going to turn out. :(
I know that I should trust a doctor but my stubbornness just won't allow me to or at least at this time.

Plus, I am a auto-mechanic by trade so I'm constantly bending, lifting and doing all kinds of very hard labor intensive work! I have an incredible tolerance to pain! Believe me, if I'm seeking help from a doctor....there has to be something severely wrong! My body is catching up with me, I too am in my early 40's (fixing to turn 42 next Wednesday).

So, this is going to be a roller coaster for me and my family! I'm the sole provider for my family.
I don't know, here I am just rambling on.
I'm going to hope for the best, but at the same time there is that little thing inside of me that has this sinking kind of feeling. :(
I haven't even told my wife this.
I'm going to jump off before I write a book, I wish you the best in your search for comfort as I know all to well how severe pain disrupts our lives.

          Thanks again, suffering in ga.
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Hi there, well I can understand why you have a fear of doctors as you went through quite an ordeal with them when you were a little boy. These memories stay with us when they are so traumatic and affect our lives in so many ways, as you said you are not one for really seeing a doctor and tend to yourself. Unfortunately or fortunately they do actually come in handy sometimes. I know exactly what you mean though-I had a brain hemorrhage and wouldn't go to the hospital. I was working as a Senior Staff Nurse at the time and should have known better but I ignored it as I don't like doctors either. Anyway I think the things you are describing on your head could be some kind of sebaceous cyst but you really need to go and get them checked out. Apart from the fact they hurt you maybe getting infection into the area.
It will take a lot of strength to go but I think it will be for the best and hopefully will put your mind at ease.
Its wierd but some doctors seem to forget that children have feeling too and are actually 'there' -I hope you can get over your fear.
I too was in a similar position to you and was a nurse as I said and my son at the time of my operation was 14. I was a single parent and had taught him that you must always work for a living and never give up or in to anything. I had to have one of the cavernomas removed from my head as it kept hemorrhaging but I never showed any signs of pain to my son then or when I had my operation.
I wish I could have showed I was more human and it was ok to be upset and feel pain but I never did. I have recently got married and he obviously knows about my new 'space invader' but not how I really feel as I don't want him to worry. I'm sure your family must be worried sick about you and I can tell you are too. I think realistically its time for you to book an appointment with your doctor for a start about the lumps on your head and see where it goes from there. The next thing you may have to start thinking about is work as you said about the pain, you may have a good tolerance to pain as do I but it takes its toll. Apparently I'm middle aged so you are catching me up ha ha.
You didn't ramble on at all but I think I just have!
take care and I will talk to you soon
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Hi there, just thought that I would check in and see how you are doing? I wondered if you had thought any more about making an appointment with your doctor-I know its not the nicest thing to think about but hey, I guess it has to be done sometimes :-) Anyway, let me know how things go and I will wait to hear. Take care and good luck with everything.
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  The member u r trying to communicate with has been posting in the pain management forum....u may want to go there or send a PM (private message ) to get their attention.
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Thank you so much I will have a look there! I haven't found my way around this site yet and just thought that you carried on writing in the same place. Thank you for your help and for taking the time to reply to me :-)
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  Typically u do, but some have multiple issues so she may belong to a few communities....not sure why she has not popped back on here lately....I belong to several communities on MedHelp too....so u can always reach me by sending me a note : )
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Thanks, I have just figured out how to do that so have sent a private message and friend invitation. Its easy when you know how lol. Its good to find other people with the same symptoms as yourself and good to talk to people other then your family. I don't know about you but I don't like to worry them with things. I hope whatever it is you have is under control and you can still look on the bright side of life. Anyway, take care of you :-)
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  Thank u that was very nice of u....I did have surgery 4 yrs ago this month and it was a major one and I am still recovering and dealing with things but I am doing well...and I am with u, I do not like to talk to family about my issues...especially my parents who are older and have health issues them selves...so it is good to have a site like this.

If u have ne other issues navigating let me know, I may be able to help : )
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First of all-well done you on having such a fantastic attitude as I think that's half the battle. Its so hard on other people who have little or no understanding sometimes to try to deal with this type of illness. Secondly happy 4th anniversary!
Thanks again for your advice about how to get in touch with the other member I was trying to reach I have now done this successfully-go me computer  genius lol.
Best wishes to both you and your parents :-)
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