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AP Canal diameter

I have been in severe pain for the past month.  I had an MRI from a #3 MRI machine.  Suppose to take the clearest pictures possible.  Literally, several times I have had this feeling of pain so severe, I truly believed I was going to die.  I still get these feelings, regularly but have gotten back on my meds.  Although they help, I can't help but wonder what is really causing the pain.  I have an appointment to see a surgeon soon.  

Of course, the neurosurgeon wanted me to bring the CD with me when I come, so I also have the results.  It reports that I have C6-7 mass effect on the left aspect, etc.  

It also states that at the C5-C6 (where I had ACDF surgery two years ago) and C6-7 has AP canal diameter of 7mm.  Is this most likely what is causing the pain, and, if so, can the surgeon go in there and drill them out or somehow make them larger again?  I am in so much pain at times that I have thought that death might be easier than this.  No, I am not going to commit suicide.  I am just in so much pain, I am literally almost lifeless and for the last 30 days, I've had to force myself to do anything except eat and go to the bathroom.  Help!  Any news would be appreciated.  
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