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Neck Injury and believed stenosis

Hi all, I had an accident in august 2013 when I fell and crushed my head against my shoulder, the result was eventually found to be three prolapsed discs in my neck C3C4/C4C5/C5C6 there at C5C6 I do have some nerve compression on the right foreman.
after 51 days in hospital and only Trigger point injections to help with the acute pain and general medication which I am still on I decided to buy my DVD of the MRI and X-rays so I could seek further help myself.
while I have struggled to find people to look at my MRI I have learnt to use the Scan software obviously not professionally but I can see what is pressuring my spinal cord and I can use the measuring tool. This shows that I have compression of the spinal cord down to 9.0 mm  in places but I also have compression over the length of the C4 Vertebrae down to 10.0mm.
I need someone out there to give me some guidance on these images and how I can push my Consultant into moving forward and looking at my case in a light that will improve my situation.
On Monday 3rd February I had Physio where the lady massaged and stretched my neck to a point I had tears running down my face and on leaving the department I got to the hospital entrance and had to sit down and then Lie down on an emergency trolley as I had severe pins and needles in my hands and face, this lasted for about 4 hours which was quite a scary issue and almost had me going to A&E.
Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated as I believe that this is Stenosis of the Cervical Spine
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