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Be Fearless and more confident.

Do slow and deep abdominal breathing. Align any mantra along with the breathing. This creates Armour around you. Include this technique in a routine work out. Google for abdominal breathing's details.
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you are a good teacher dalubabaji-------thank you.......
.om nama shivaya
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Diaphragm presses abdominal organs downwards and pelvic floor presses abdominal organs upward; Inhale allowing abdomen to swell and simultaneousy compress pelvic floor in and up ward. this is perineum in between the two ligs, goes in and up to press all the organs. In this way abdominal organs are massaged from up by diaphragm and from downward to up ward by perinium- which is root chakra. Repeat this 20 times everday. This will be meditation and exercise as well. (spell check not done)
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I like it! :-)  Thank you.
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Thank you for the acknowledging the message.
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