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Curious if/what link between Spiritual & Mental?

I have been encouraged by 2 out of my 3 friends to work on getting better.  I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and am also struggling with Agoraphobia.  I find it difficult when my two friends, who are a couple want to help me - sometimes it's like they really want to cure me!  At the same time, I feel their love and concern towards me with a warm thankful feeling deep inside myself. :-)
What I find myself asking is; Despite such ugly mental health illness I have in me - Am I Spiritually Okay?  My behavior is somewhat muddled, but in general I'm a very delicate, soft lady and my vulnerability almost glows!?!!  I also hold a lot of love in my heart.  I'm a Christian, and have broken the rule of not loving or liking myself.  To hate yourself is wrong as a Christian, and probably is the same in other religion.  Is my Spirit ill?  Is mental health separate?...or is it linked to the Spiritual wellness?  I'd appreciate your thoughts regarding this.  Beanie0  
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Perhaps I am not the best person to have answer this because I am not a Christian.  You asked some compelling questions that I'd like to throw a couple of answers at.

You mentioned breaking the rule of not loving or liking yourself and that it is wrong as a Christian.  What I'd suggest is, keep mental illness separate from anything regarding your faith.  I see it as 2 separate issues and each deserves its own amount of your attention.  I think trying to address both at the same time is a disservice to you and each subject.

"Am I spiritually okay?''  I think you can be okay spiritually, even though you are battling mental health issues.  If you have faith in God, to me it would seem as if your spiritually is fully intact.  As well, I believe that if you are mad at God because of the situation you find yourself in, I think that is normal.  I think a lot of Christians get mad at God from time to time.  But like I said above, your faith and mental health are 2 separate issues with each requiring some attention from you.

Either way, these are both things that can be worked on.
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Thank you for you comments brice1967.  I prefer to think that mental health and spiritual health are separate.  Thanks again.  Beanie0 - and a smile for you! - :-)
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your spirit is just fine! it cannot be harmed in any way beanie0 . your mind just is sick in the same way the body can be sick....just because it can't be seen can make you (and others!) think it is just you being weak or faking etc...nonsense.  trust me the mind can have problems of it's own caused by physical reasons and you have not done anything wrong and there is nothing wrong with the real you---the spirit!
     i'll add some more later....right now i too am having challenges....so see ya soon and hang in there----you keep resting in spirit....ok?
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