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Goals to reach for in New Year

Anyone making the list of changes or goals to achieve in 2010?  I am going to try to get some long overdue work done on the exterior of my house. I have personal goals too, but need to narrow them down yet (too fat right now).
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Oh I've always got goals, whether it's New Year or not. Some of mine have to wait for warmer dryer weather (a bit like yours) -maintenance jobs outside, and stuff -impossible to do in the winter.
My ongoing goal at the moment is trying very very hard every day to stop my business going down the Swannee (a bit of a thankless task...) And to try and bring some regular cash flow in alongside that by doing extra things on ebay.

All rather mundane stuff I'm afraid. Survival stuff.
Spiritually, I suppose my ongoing goal is to become less upset by things going wrong. And to be in a thankful mood every single day for blessings I have already.
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My New Years Resolution is to quit talking politics. Hope that is more successful than the quitting smoking was last year!

I am also changing my routine. If hubby wants to hold the couch down, fine, but Im gonna go do things I want to do by myself. Cruize sounds so good!
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I resolve to be a good netizen especially in MH even better than DAZON-50 in 2010.. I agree that it is an uphill task but i will sincerely try.
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You already do sound like a pretty good Netizen to me, dalubaba! God bless you, and bring you happiness in 2010
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Many thanks for a vote of confidence.
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:-)))  I will put my vote in for you, Dalubaba :-))))
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I missed this post.....My new year resolution is ...to be a better human being.
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Mine is to join in anything I can to help our country in this time of crisis ...whatever it takes ..hi everyone how you doin ...Happy New Year .....hugs marg
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Hugs to you too....I have an abundance of those :-))))

Happy New Year ......off and running on day 5.  It is almost 4 a.m. here.  I beat out the alarm clock.

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Simplify, Organize and Pay Attention
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