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Here is a start for us to recharge the group!

i posted  this before but it really belongs hereand is a way to start the day.
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here it is in a nutshell---a message i sent my youngest one morning----- distilled from every spiritual tradition and pure psychology at work!  the morning is the time to establish your mood-----your bhava----your spiritual or psych emotional-devotional feeling state for the day.  using yoga or dance or meditation or chanting or bhajan or whatever skill or tool you have practiced (practice makes perfect) that establishes you in that bhava.  you either establish it or it gets established for you by circumstance or by others.  and the whole "game" them becomes to notice throughout the day when you have strayed from your chosen state of consciousness and then bring yourSelf back "home" to that morning-bhava mind-set.
     that is it!  establish the "mind-set" and notice when it strays and what "strayed" it and then bring it back using your skills----your tools.  now......at first it strays a lot and then with practice strays less and less until......voila!......you stay anchored there for the day. nothing else to it but to do it----to remember to do it when the emotional storm---your inner weather clouds up-----to use those chosen techniques---your tools----to bring back a sunny day within.
       so the morning is the key----is critical---to the success of the feel of the rest of your day.  do not miss it and rush off into the day with a stormy mind-----with a mood not of your choosing.  just take the time and do it and soon it becomes indispensable ----the habit is set----like brushing your teeth.  the key is to just do it-----every morning.
     more about it next time
     i love you and i am so proud of how strong you are and how bright you keep shining.......dad

     I always did this before i began my day at the ashram i lived at for a few years (off and on after one year straight)
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one tool you may find used almost everywhere for prayer and meditation and chanting etc. is incense. I say tool because it is part of the conditioning used to help with your inner focus. After you have used it for a while your mind will associate that smell with the meditative state or with the relaxation response or with whatever you have been using it with. And conditioning can be used for positive things and not just the negative as used by politicians----corporations---advertisers---you know the story i am sure. So we can use it to help us focus more quickly.
     I associate the smell of eucalyptus with the "spell" of the haight-ashbury days.  I lived by the panhandle of golden gate park and smelled it probably every day and even now 50yrs later (oh god!) it still does the trick....one whuff and poof!  there i am again. Having come from texas and never smelled it before enhanced the effect i am sure.
    More about how and what you can use to help you with mind-set or inner focus later. Bells are used......call and call-back chants are used.....breathing techniques......visual such as favorite pictures---certain colors---etc.....
      And there are tons of videos on you tube----historical archives---histories---videos of wkshops and meetings and lectures and retreats----=so much wonderful stuff......like yogananda?  lots!.....gangaji?  lots.....papaji---yep----snake handlers!---whoa! it is there.....so have fun and explore whatever spiritual theme you desire and post back with what is your practice....interest----questions.....ok?
om shanti
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here is a link to a movie about amma the hugging saint.....it is in english just give it a minute.
and it is an awesome movie even if you are not interested in amma!
you can also try out "alan watts (not watt) on  you tube for some brilliant philosophical talks.....
darshan (the movie) won multiple awards at many of the documentary film festivals......the side bar will send you on quite a journey of discovery.....
copy it and paste
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what a spiritual adventure you can have on you tube......journey to the past or the present and read about the great masters---swami's---goddesses--etc....ya just gotta love it....bigger the screen you have the better!
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boy are you right about you tube and all the spiritual stuff there is available. So much historical archives and so much video of present day teachers. I am a fan of amma and the movie Darshan is so beautiful as are the other movies and footage of amma.
     Does anyone else watch you tube for spiritual inspiration? Are you still on MH Omhome? Send me a note if you are ok?
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I have a hard time with youtube as so many things are covered by it.  It has become pop culture to me.  But I never thought of using youtube for spiritual purposes or to learn the lessons of those omhome mentions.  something to think about.  :)
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