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If the answer is love then.....

If the answer is love then why do we not love one and another. We show hate for those who do not agree with our views. We show hate for those not like us. We are lost in pain and the answer to our freedom is love. I speak of love for each other not the love from god. If every one loved one and another would things be different I can't shot you I love you. We cant go to war I love your people to much. but no we must hate and treat each other like crap. O what a fun world we live in.

I'm not innocent but I try to show kindness to others and often I just get it thrown in my face perhaps if i was some cruel evil person it would be different they would run in fear.  
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Don't we all feel like this sometimes? I'm sorry. It pains me too to see the way people degrade and pull down each other. I truly has to do with our characters I think. Some of us harbor hate, pride and selfishness that allows us to lash out at others. The answer is forgiveness, even when they do not deserve it. I believe your post came at the right moment..

Love doesn't occur very often because we are afraid that people many not look at us the same and may treat us differently and it makes us appear to be weak. The people are more concerned about respect that they don't see that love goes along with that. Sometimes people you think are friends, are really just strangers and really could throw us under the bus at any moment. You just don't know, so do pass by every possibility of friendship because of a past experiences? God forbid! There is so much good people, who think the same as you so just because we see the negative doesn't mean good is just non-existent. I know it's easy to think this because bad happens when we love sometimes - people we trust sometimes go astray, and sometimes people don't feel the same about us.. etc.

It's hard and I think the more we dwell around darkness the harder it is to remember what love and good is. So keep your head up, I've felt like you many times in life but you can walk around with hatred or you can choose to love and pity those who use others and hate. I know your little influence of love can impact another...
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While reading your post it reminded me of something that was said in Avatar

Iroh- I was not mad, but I was sad because I thought you had lost your way.- Avatar the last airbender

thank-you for your reply. I know there are other who feel like me I just wish I knew them we could start a place for people like us lol
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The place for people like us is out in the world showing others how to love.  I used to be very insecure because they way I felt on the inside did not seem to match the behavior I saw in others.  I grew to feel as though I never fit in.  It wasn't until I learned to be ok with who I am on the inside that I became able to express love, patience, tolerance, forgiveness and some humility.  We need to understand that things happen in God's time not our time.  Who am I to judge God's world as wrong?  When I judge His world I place myself in a position where I am greater than Him, and lose all humility.  God's world is for me to accept, not to judge.

When things aren't the way I think they should be do I react with anger or self pity?   Or do I accept things as they are and try to see where I can be useful to others?  If I react with anger or self pity am I really any better than those I judge?
Am I willing to change myself to better do God's will?
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Yes that would be nice and don't you wish that there was a place for all the good to go apart from those who live with hatred? lol I know do.

Anyways, we just have to keep on. Sometimes when I feel disheartened I read Psalms 55 especially verse 22-23 : "Cast your burden on the Lord and He will sustain you. He will not forget those who try to do right. He will not forget those who try to do right. He will never allow the righteous to be moved. Lord, I know that you will not take the side of evil. Murderers usually don't live long. Someday all the wicked will be gone. I will put my trust in you."
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