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Lifelong search

Good morning all;

I was born without knowledge or beliefs, but the Spirit of That Which Is Holy had touched me and gave me Life, Mind and Will. That is, as it is, in my worldview now.

As a toddler and boy, I was given knowledge of beliefs and practices, which were those of my kin, kith, and surrounding community. During this stage of my life, I accepted such with a child's wide open wonder and nonjudgmental love for those who cared for me.

As a youth, I received more religious instruction.  I was also taught to look at knowledge critically and to form my own thoughts, my own opinions, become my own man.

As a young man, my opinions were becoming more fully formed within their own channels and a split from the ways of my childhood and youth came into being.  Though peace and respect remained between my kin, kith and me, I had become that independent man my parents sought to forge.

For one fifth of that seven score and ten, which some Holy Writs allude to, I searched and found a worldview and belief set, which spoke to That Which Is Essentially Me.

I still search, 20 years further on, for one's knowledge is always less than one needs.


A long way of saying, Pip is on this list and it is a topic of interest.

Take care...
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Thats how I feel Pip thats where I am ,you could have been speaking for me ......
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That really sounds interesting, Pip :-))  Can you share more about what you are learning & have learned.  Was it difficult with others around you accepting the direction you were going?

What is kith?  I like your wording.."That Which is Essentially Me"...never heard that before.

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:-)  I know from our conversations & seeing you "zip" around, that you have a lot of knowledge/wisdom & want to help many people.  What is the driving influence that makes you want to do that?

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As I write, you will notice that I use many archaic terms.  It is how my vocabulary has formed over the years as there are concepts, which modern English does not convey with brevity.  You'll also see that to set them off, I'll capitalize some of the words I use to convey concepts.

Kin are those folk to whom one is born or wed, of who adopt you: mother, father, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, in-laws...family, which only, truly, grows in those three ways.

Kith are those folks to whom one is bound by solid, unshakable friendship and mutual loyalty.  I consider the men who were my mentors in Boy Scout to be Kith, in example.

"That Which Is Essentially Me..." a phrase originated in my own musings, but I have since seen in a very few other "places" on line.

My physical body breaks down to $20 or so in fairly common chemicals.  There is little unique in the structure composed of these elements and compounds.

But, there is an ineffable Something, which is Me, the Essential Me.

I believe that there is an Ultimate Source, Unknown and Unknowable by the mind of man.  The Holy we are able to know and experience is descended from That Which Is Always.

It is This, which has been the Parent and Friend of Man, guiding us, shaping us, inspiring us...however we have perceived that Power to be.

In my worldview, the Holy Powers are known to man as the Norse-Germanic Gods and Goddesses: Odin, Frigga, Thor, Sif, Frey, Freya, Tyr, Uller, Jorth and so on.  The life lessons in the myths, legends and history surrounding them and the northern peoples of Europe speak to my heart in a way that no other set of lore has.

We can get deeper into exchanging specifics as this group progresses. ,-)

take care - Pip
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:-))  Some of the names I recognize as having heard from stories along the way.  I like the archaic terms...very interesting.  I liked Greek Mythology as a child and fairy tales.  I also liked Indians, enjoyed reading about Sitting Bull and other Chiefs.

I feel some sadness that stories from the Nordic background were not passed on.  I just remember lefsa, and lutefisk.....

I find it interesting how myths came to be & how they persist embedded into the fabric of civilization....just won't go away.

I look forward to learning more of your journey.

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PiP, Thanks for Sharing and Caring =0) Learning from and about each other whether it be culture, creed, doctrine or what we deem to be fun facts is a wonderful thing Indeed =0) by the way do you mind if ask what Piparskeggr "means" or stands for  <3 jimi (little wing <3
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Good morning;

Piparskeggr is a nickname I was given about 17 or 18 years ago when some grey started creepong in and my beard was looking "salt and papper."

Salt ok Pipar Skeggr (Salt and Pepper Beard) was a bit unwieldy ,-)
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:-)))  I would not have gotten that without you sharing it...lol!  There are so many interesting names that people have chosen.  It would be neat to have others share what their names represent or if they randomly chose their name without much thought :-)))
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Ha Ha I 'zip' around as I also work online and its easy to 'zip' I like people and especially children, I have always had more than my fair share of compassion,/empathy, also my own set of problems... I know how helpful it is to others just to be there for them and listen...if I see or hear of a cry for help that online chatting will help..I am there ....hereditary I think,  ..  
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I left something out... I have also been given a lot of perception and sometimes I can walk in their shoes especially children and feel what they are feeling ...and that is another story.....
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You are sensitive, Margypops, to notice & respond to them.  Timing is so important.  Appreciated each other's qualities is something more special as I age (like fine wine...lol).  

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sensitive ..me ...nah ..thick as a plank of wood ...LOL
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Perhaps I've been given a gift of perception. Whether I use it all the time or all the times I should, I don't know. I was thinking about it when I was scooping up cat litter tonight.

I can sometimes pick up quite a lot from a person when they write online. Or in real life possibly by reflection. I think that's the real reason a few people are intimidated by me. I don't purposefully try to scare them. If I don't curb myself I may point out things that perhaps people don't feel comfortable about facing. Then I find myself in an awkward place. I find myself confused why I lost a friend. Maybe we all do this on both ends to some degree.

Even a plank of wood can break...or more often than not get eaten up by insects. People have feelings, even those that claim to be tough. The people that pretend to be tough are sensitive too. Just don't desire to show it, and once a person sees past it, can cause quite an awkward moment.

I agree with Dazon, margypops you are sensitive. That and love to get a reaction from members by posting current event controversial stuff. Without you to stir up the forums, encourage lively debate, medhelp would not be the same and as nearly as enjoyable, lol.
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Each person is unique and it is a joy to share in each's presence for however long it is here.....

That is the beauty of relationships...connections.

Pip....I wish I had more time to try your recipes :-)))  You appear to be a "dang good cook"...creative too!!!  Not sure how spirituality/cooking go together, but there must be some connection...lol!  

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I have a friend unmet*, up in British Columbia, who is of the opinion that spirituality can be expressed in many ways, large and small.  He also thinks that more powerful manifestations can run in families, the "mystic" content of my poetry being a small example and the Stigmata and healing touch manifested by my grandfather's cousin, Padre Pio being a larger example...

We both agree that something in one's spirit sparks creativity in different ways...with me, it's poetry, prose (of the sort we use here) and cooking/brewing.

I think that part of it is that I try and look at life as a whole, all the parts must be there for it to work properly.

When I cook, I am not only throwing food stuffs together in a palatable manner to come out with something "wholesome,"  I think of those besides myself for whom I am cooking, whether or not this will bring them some pleasure in the eating..it is spiritual in that I am sharing something of myself through these efforts.

(*a term I use for folks I've known a long time [usually 5 years or more] through correspondence and would very much like to meet in person)
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I like what you wrote.  If you would not mind sharing, I would like to hear more about the "Stigmata and healing touch manifested by my grandfather's cousin, Padre Pio"...that you mentioned.  

I know cooking is important in special ways.  Who doesn't remember all the way back to childhood when someone cooked wonderful meals that stay with you in memory/spirit.....?  My aunt was a really good cook.  There were special people along the way I would say were also and some had a "passion" for the cooking.

I gained a better perspective of it when I took some time during a 4 or so year period in the last 10 yrs. to learn how to do "home-cooking".  I am glad I did.  I saw the potential in being creative and gained a deeper appreciation for women/men of long ago & what they did/how long it took to do things...equipment differences, etc.

Just to have that glimpse was worth it.

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I enjoy cooking because I love the people I am cooking for. I think this is a big difference in the taste of the dish also. ???? I feel we add a bit of ourselves to the food as we prepare it.

OMG! Padre Pio???? No wonder you have wisdom and poetry.
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interesting talk here. my name is maria and i would love to share..
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