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Mixed Boundaries.

Hello People! :-)
Christianity is my core faith, but I like to learn about other Religions too!  I'm dead fascinated about Spirituality, Life After Death, The Paranormal, Different types of religious healing. I had a brief read through the User Group, first noticing that it's sadly not a very busy forum compared to the current ones I use.  This puts me off a little, as I struggle already to keep motivated on a regular basis, particularly due to my lack of social confidence.  My main Question is - Feeling unsure about what are the main discussion points could be about Spiritually.  It, to my knowledge covers so many things and I don't wish to send inappropriate post's within the group. I have had 'so called' spiritual health discussions with people who are Mentally unwell.  I feel I may say something stupid, because of this - to me the line between what is Mental Health and what is Spiritual, is fuzzy :-/.  Beanie0 :-)    
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I just saw this group and joined and you are right Beanie0 that it is not active but if you help and Dalubaba helps and the others who have been here a while keep helping we can grow the group and maybe figure out how to help each other and help our Mother  Earth. So please  post and respond---all of us---and maybe more will see that and join us. Ok?
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actually absolutely everything is spiritual! and you can never say anything stupid beanie0.......stupid is only in  the mind of the one who is making that judgment.  so say anything you want or bring up any topic at all...ok?
      we (and everything on and in earth) are all made up of the same energy that was there when what they call the big bang happened-----we were all there! we all share the energy! we can never not be spiritual!  imagine that.  feel that.   it feels right doesn't it.
     it is funny that we are like fish asking what is water?  or birds wondering what is air? we are in it and of it and it is in and of us!  so smile beanie0 and don't worry----this is not a group of judgment......and god--spirit--whatever u want to call it-------it is love.
       yes.....the beatles are right  god is love and all are one!
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There will always be a thin line separating spiritual and mental. One phenomena like de ja voo, may be considered a spiritual phenomena by spiritualist whereas, it will be considered mental by non spiritualist. If it help us as a spiritua event, we    may use it in a spiritual way and if it useful as mental, treat it as mental. Practical view has to be taken. Diffeent people will interpret it differently.Mr. Om home is moderating this grop's affair.
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