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Need a direction and some hope!!

I have no idea where to start!! I am a full time employee at a hospital and take care of people all the time. Six moths ago I moved in with mom to care for her. Last year she had to have emergency trachiotomy. Due to a hospital mistake. Now we are faced with her continuing to have SOB and constant cough for 6 months. I so bad want to help and answer her questions. My physical and emotional strenght is about gone. Im not eating nor sleeping well!! Im a nut!! Worried to death!! Just need some direction or anyone out there to answer! So I know that Im not alone!!
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Dear sis, lot of love.
I can well realize your agony, how it feels when your loved ones are sick, I can understand. But just know our heavenly Father, the Father of our earthly mother and father. He is so loving and caring, looking forward to you to call upon Him. Just stay in His presence, Pray to Him to free you from your distress. Whenever you have time do nothing , just surrender yourself in His presence. He will answer you, depends how yearling you are.

may God comfort you.
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Hi Crimson,

Thanks for sharing and please understand that you aren't alone.  I'm 38 yrs old with a back the hurts regularly and causes numbness and burning in my legs and feet.  My wife has been having trouble with her achilies tendon and recently has had a procedure that has laid her up for three weeks.  We don't make a ton of money but between the two of us we get by with a little squeak.  A few months ago I was out of work for 5wks due to my back.  Although I was able to coleect disabilty it did put a financial strain on us.  Now that I am back I am also able to get some overtime which helps out a lot.  The thing is my lower half doesn't like the extra work.  I also get to do the shopping, cooking, help my wife while her tendon is recouping and take care of the dog when all I want to do is lay down and get off my feet to ease the pain and discomfort.  Right now life is a little difficult and seems to be asking a lot from me.  I had been getting kind of run down but fortunately last night I got some really good sleep which is helping my attitude.  I have to remember to take some time to care for myself.  The other thing I try to do is put what I want off to the side and accept what it is that God has laid out before me.  Lining my will up with His seems to help remove the mental conflict and relieve some of the stress.  It can be tough at times to that, understand that I am still human and I do get tired.  LOL!!  Please take some time to care for yourself.  If we are not ok mentally physically and spiritually it is difficult for us to care for others.  God Bless!
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I am not necessarily a religious person, so I'll spare you any talk of my religious beliefs.  What I will say is this, we are of no good to anyone if we are not taking care of ourselves.  There has to be a time when our health comes to the forefront, even if we are taking care of another person.  Wrapping ourselves in anothers problems is almost second nature for those who have a nuturing soul, but in the end it ends  up being those people who are not being looked after.  

WE need to take care of ourselves.  I am sorry to hear about your stress level and havi8ng to go through what youre currently dealing with.  Just know that others before you have gone the same road, some are going down that path right now.  Youre not alone.  Also know that this is doable!  

I know full well what it seems like when everything seems to be going against you.  Take a deep breath and try to look at it from another perspective.  Buddahists believe that every perspective has numerous perspective..... (someone else looking at the same thing you are sees it differently)  What might be your heck, might be someone elses comfort zone and vice versa.  

Then you have the most important thing out there...... ask for some help.  There has to be someone out there to help you.  A sibling, a cousing, and aunt, uncle..... whatever.  If not, take some quiet time for yourself and look towards better times and thank your god for the opportunity to see those better times.
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Never assume the worst, always try to assume the best.
I am no spirit guru, but it helps to have some kind of faith, at least for me.
Anything that makes you feel in touch with a higher sense of being is good and has helped to calm me down alot in times of crisis.
But beyond that, like others have said, try to worry about yourself a little bit more.
It may sound selfish, but if you fall apart how can you help others?
I know that when we see the people we love in pain, or hurt in some way, we begin to think of worst case scenarios.
Then one negative thought is on top of another, and it seems to have no end.
I am actually dealing with severe depression right now, and for me the things that worked are trying to improve my faith, exercise and also just talking about my problems with others.
I also take meds and I don't know if you wish to go down that route, if not then good for you.
Anyways, I hope your mother improves and I hope you can find some peace of mind and spirit however you can.
Maybe you should just go out somewhere with a close friend/relative and just let it all out.
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Have you seen on the bosom of the lake the beautiful white lily? How anxious we have been, how we have wished and worked that we might get that blossom. No matter how much scum and debris and filth there is around it, yet that does not destroy your desire for the lily. We wonder how the lily can be so beautiful and white where there is so much filth.

Well, there is a stem that strikes down to the golden sands beneath and gathers nothing but the purest substance that feeds the lily until it develops into the pure and spotless flower, as we see it. Should not this teach us a lesson? It ought to. It shows that although there is iniquity all around us we should not approach it. Do not talk of the iniquity and wickedness that are in the world but elevate your minds and talk of your Saviour. When you see iniquity all around you, it makes you all the more glad that He is your Saviour and we are His children. Draw purity from Christ who will develop us into something beautiful and aid us with all our problems - so strive for this, that makes us white and beautiful as a lily.

Should we look at the iniquity around us and dwell upon the dark side? You cannot cure it all; so talk of something that is higher, better, and more noble. Talk of those things that will leave a good impression on the mind, and it will lift every soul up out of this iniquity into light beyond. That is what I think is best. By beholding we become changed so dwell on the good and you will think that way. Never get weary of doing good, pray and lean upon God. He is the only one who can solve all of the things you go through.
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with the SOB could your Mum have asthma? something to look into

here in Australia we have service provided though the government  to assist the career home, care palliative, care silver chair, blue care, veterans affairs, etc the  list goes on
so contact your Dr. and see if there is any thing available for you

you get a trained person to come and assist you
  e.g things as simple as ... for a few  hours a week for you to catch a movie , go to hair dresses coffee what ever you get a break help with the house work ( take that burden off you )
so that way you get some you time

and you need that when caring for a loved one
for it is the hardest thing you will every be asked to do
but it also is the most rewarding to be able to give back to a parent that has raised you
and done for you.
And I know that in the years to come you will be so glad that you have this
I am

look after you  

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